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Belinda Says Hay: “Little Fang’s Resolution”

Hello. It's Belinda.

I have a personal story today.

I hope you weren't expecting to read my business goals for the new year. I'm not done with them yet.

I have spreadsheets everywhere if you want to know the truth. It's a mess.

Speaking of mess. Today's blog is about my boyfriend's companion, also known as "Little Fang."

Here's a portrait I drew of her.

Little Fang, drawn by Belinda the Spokesrabbit

Some people have asked me about the pee pad. Why I included it in the drawing.

If you saw the inside of her exercise pen you'd know the reason. She has a double pen and the entire floor is covered with pee pads.

Not to be rude but "Little Fang" has some personal health issues. I can't give more detail because of HIPAA. That's a law that says I'm not allowed to gossip about her litterbox problems. Such as not using it.

My roommate says it's not Little Fang's fault she's so messy.

"She has old plumbing, Belinda. And a few loose wires."

As usual I have no clue what that means. All I know is my roommate turned my office into a storage closet and filled it with pee pads.

You can read the whole shocking story here. Nobody can believe it but it really happened. 

Anyway I guess Little Fang noticed that I was working hard on my spokesrabbit goals. A few times when I looked up I saw her watching me.

I just ignored her.

Yesterday she started with the questions.

"How much hay is in the barn?"

I don't know, I said. I kept staring at my spreadsheets.

"How many days until Halloween?"

I don't know, I said.

"Does Josh from the warehouse have a horse?"

I didn't answer.

"Does he have a cow?"

This could go on all day.

But instead of asking another question, she was silent. The silence lasted a few minutes.

Then she said it.

"I made a New Year's resolution too."

I didn't reply.

Did you ever feel someone looking at you? That's how I felt.

She expected me to drop everything and ask about her resolution. Even though I was extra busy with work.

Now this blog is longer than it's supposed to be. 

"To be continued."

Have a good week.  Be careful in the snow.

Sincerely, Belinda

Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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