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Belinda Says Hay: “Meeting Josh”

rabbit belinda says hay meeting josh

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I guess by now it’s all over the internet. What happened at BunFest.

But in case you haven’t seen the videos, I spent the day working the Small Pet Select booth with Josh from the warehouse.

I know.

I’m still in a fog from that and being off my schedule and eating too much and other things. But yesterday was perfect, minus the nonsense from my roommate on the ride home.

Turns out Midwest BunFest is not outdoors, like I expected. It’s indoors and they don’t let the rabbits run around loose. They’re wheeled around like I was in my Belindamobile or carried. Sort of an all-day parade but random.

But I was there to work, not wander around visiting. So mostly I stayed at the Small Pet Select booth, which was really just tables lined up covered with boxes of hay and treats and toys.

Sounds like mayhem but it wasn’t. If you had a booth, you stayed on one side, with your stash, and the other humans didn’t dare cross over. No humans got into a fight all day so this table setup did the trick.

Same with the rabbits. I even met a few English rabbits and, unlike the one at home, they knew to stay back. It’s a shame the one who needed to see that spent the day in the petsitter’s basement.

Best of all, no one asked for my credentials. Plenty of Lionheads stopped by the booth and I did not hear one word about how a fluffy breed would be a better spokesrabbit. And nobody laughed and said I’m as big as their dog. At BunFest you don’t say things like that because, if you do, you turn around and 10 rabbits are giving you the skunk eye.

So back to business.

What did J. and I do all day? Said hi to rabbits from all over the country. Passed out sample bags of Vitalicious, Flower Power Berry Boost and Heavenly Green Crunch. Hay samples too. Basically had each other’s back.

Speaking of back, every time my roommate was distracted, Josh slipped a pinch of alfalfa to me.

“Here you go, B’linda,” he kept saying. That’s how they say my name in his part of the country. Their words are missing letters and slower.

When he saw me eyeing up the herbal blends, he opened one under the table and let me have the entire bag.

Hours and hours of this sort of thing at the booth. Of course I wanted to stay all day but my shift ended at noon. And to be honest, that was plenty. I was exhausted but not Josh.

In fact, when he realized I was leaving, he stopped everything he was doing and sang to me. That’s right, in the middle of Midwest BunFest, with humans staring at him and rabbits staring at me, Josh from the warehouse sang a song.  Something about “Hay baby.”

If I had a normal life the story would end there. You would see everyone smiling and clapping. My roommate loading me into the Belindamobile and steering me through the big room and out of BunFest. It would end on a high note.

But not with you-know-who. She’s not happy until she finds a way to “frost the crops.”

On the way home, she said it was smart for Josh to find a “gimmick” to bring people to the booth. I thought she meant the free samples but she meant the song. My song!

“And by the way, Belinda, you need to start working on reviews for all the products he sent last month.”

But those boxes of hay and healthy snackers and chew balls were gifts. Not work assignments. They are gifts from Josh, sent straight from the warehouse.

I tuned her out. She went on about UPC codes and cost per click and I don’t know what else.

But I had the last laugh.

When we got home, she was lifting the Belindamobile out of the trunk and when she turned it sideways to shake out the hay, seven bags of Vitalicious fell out.

Or should I say, “Vit’licious.”



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