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Belinda Says Hay: “My Baby Photo”

belinda says hay baby photo

Hello. It’s Belinda.

It’s National Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month and that means one thing. My roommate will get sentimental and talk about the first time she saw me at the shelter. Then she’ll pull out the baby photos.

She asked me if I would use one in my blog. I guess I feel sentimental too because I said yes.

But it’s so embarrassing.

That’s me at about five months old, in my shelter crate.

Because my records are back in New Zealand, I’m not sure what day I was born. We celebrate on April 22.

In fact, I’m not sure about much when it comes to my early days. I remember living outside for a while with some other rabbits. In the city, with the lights and noise and everything.

We had to make do, sleeping under cars and porches when we found good hiding spots. We took turns keeping watch for dogs and other trouble. I still dream about it.

I remember eating grass and other plants. Some of it tasted funny. And when I finally moved to the shelter, I had “bathroom problems” for a few weeks. So I’m careful now.

Well, my roommate doesn’t understand why I won’t try certain foods. Pumpkin and raspberries for example. She tells me my boyfriend, his companion and the English all like pumpkin and raspberries.

My question is this: Did they ever bite into dandelions and eat a bee by mistake or drink old water off the sidewalk? Not to be rude.

I’m glad they like pumpkin and raspberries and they are welcome to enjoy my share while I eat a few extra healthy snackers. Win-win.

And that kind of sums up how I feel about Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month. It’s good for everyone. I wanted a place to live and my roommate wanted a “BWB.” Big white bunny.

I was a LWB but growing.

She tells me she loved me from the minute she saw me. And to tell you the truth I felt the same way.



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