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Belinda Says Hay: “My Boyfriend Is Sick”

belinda says hey boyfriend sick

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I was going to write about some big news. Products and special events that will be coming over the next month or so. Some of it my idea.

But I can’t focus and here’s why: Something happened to my boyfriend.

A few weeks ago, my roommate came downstairs and caught us running around loose. She told him to stop and he did. I did too.

I thought he was in trouble for escaping the pen but it was a lot worse.

I waited behind the storage shelves to see what would happen. Meanwhile my boyfriend was standing in the corner by my sleeping rug. Sort of in the shadows which is good for sleeping.

My roommate squinted at him and her mouth was open. Then she said, “What’s wrong with your shoulder?”

That was how it all started. One minute you’re running around with your friend and the next minute you’re watching him pretend his shoulder is flat while the human is pushing her fingers in and watching his face.

I knew he had a lump but he didn’t seem to care. So I didn’t say anything. Not my place.

But my roommate likes to scratch our ears and shoulders and I always thought part of that whole routine was checking for scratches or bumps. That sounds like I’m blaming her and I’m just mad at the whole situation. Because my boyfriend had to go to the vet for surgery. His companion went too and I waited at home.

Before they left, my roommate said everything would be OK and gave me fresh hay. So I tried not to worry but I couldn’t help it. Mind jumping all over every time I looked at their pen at they weren’t in it.

What if he had to take medicine and it tasted funny? That happened to me last year. What if he didn’t want to eat? That also happened to me, that’s how sick I was. My roommate squirted food into my mouth and that was the worst argument we ever had. My boyfriend’s not a fighter but when you don’t want to eat you fight.

I worried that his shoulder would hurt. Or that he wouldn’t be able to push himself out of the pen so we could run.

And what if he was scared? He is always cheerful which is why everyone likes him. But a visit to the vet can change a rabbit.

When he came back home the lump was gone and so was a lot of his fur. His companion kept saying things like, “No, we’re not in the car anymore, we’re back home,” and “Nothing is biting you, those are stitches from the vet.”

My roommate set them up in the kitchen so she could see him while she’s “working” in the next room.

That’s been the worst part for me. I like things a certain way at home and I’m used to talking to my boyfriend on the bottom floor and doing laps when we can.

So I’ve been sleeping in the kitchen a lot, by his pen. A bit cramped but I need to be close by in case he needs something.  

He pushes his face through the bars and I know he has pen fever. Not sure why he has to stay in there now. He’s eating and walking around just fine.

The Gordons let me take some time off to take care of things here. But I’m ready for my boyfriend to get back downstairs so I can get back to work. I want to put all of this behind us.



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