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Belinda Says Hay: “Nicknames”

belinda says hay nicknames

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I mentioned last week that my roommate gave us nicknames for St. Patrick’s Day. O’Malley and Murphy and Kelly. “Belinda O’Brien.”

Well what I didn’t mention is that this goes on all the time. Not just holidays.

It all started when I moved in here four years ago. I was still getting the “lay of the land” with nap schedules and such when I noticed my roommate yelled a lot.

I was used to the shelter, which was nice and quiet most of the day. Good for my nerves after living on the streets. Employees and volunteers would come into the room and say hi but in a normal tone.

I can hear you if you are coming up the steps or walking right past me for example. I have large ears.

Well I guess being home with us all day makes my roommate a little rowdy. Needs to burn off energy because we nap after breakfast and that can go on all day. She’s quiet while we sleep but then it wears off.


I usually hear her at the top of the steps around 5 p.m.

“Come on up for a snack!”

If I don’t run up right away because I’m getting myself together that’s when the nicknames start.

“Bee! Hey Bee!”

Once this starts anything can happen. Bee turns into Honey Bee then Bippy.

She used to call my boyfriend Handsome which turned into Goose and Dr. Who.

She calls his companion Bluebird and Blueberry and Violet Beauregarde. Which makes no sense.

Besides those, at any given moment she might call out the following:




Snow Bear

Sugar Bear

Pooh Bear



Plus whatever she calls the English. Muffled through the ceiling and the heating vents.

Sometimes she’ll stop on the stairs and look at us. Then she’ll say, “Ladies and Gentleman, please give a warm welcome to: Adele!”

The next day it changes to: “Please put your hands together for Lady Gaga!”

We all ignore her because it’s too much work, to be honest.

I don’t think she’s even talking to us. It’s like when I thump and don’t know why but it feels better afterward. If anyone asks what’s up with the thump I just pretend I didn’t hear them.

Now, I feel funny writing about this. My roommate has been so nice through everything that happened with my boyfriend.

But now that he’s gone I guess I notice other things more. Especially when they’re loud and nonsense.



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