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Belinda Says Hay: “Not a Mother, but…”

belinda says hay mothers day

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Some big news is coming. Changes for me at work. It’s a win-win, especially if you like my blog.

I wish I could say more but for now I have to “keep mum.”

Today is all about the holiday.

First of all, “Happy Mother’s Day” to everyone who celebrates. I hope you get some flowers to eat or whatever you like best.

Thanks to a certain procedure I had done at the shelter, I won’t be having kits. And my mother is somewhere in New Zealand.

But I’m going to celebrate anyway. Do something nice for my roommate.

Because to get ready for my new role at work, I need to practice taking care of others. Notice when they need something.

And my roommate needs some extra TLC from time to time, if you want to know the truth. She deserves it. Even though she’s not our mom, she tries to give us all what we need and not play favorites.

For example, she knows we like to run around the dining room while she’s “working” in there. But we can’t run loose together because I chase the English and my boyfriend’s companion.

So she set up fences and a schedule and we take turns. The English gets the morning shift. I can hear him running around and my roommate talking to him while I eat my breakfast on the bottom floor.

And even though he can stay with her until noon, sometimes I can hear him walk back upstairs to the bedroom level early. His choice.

But that leaves my roommate all by herself at the dining room table. With nothing to do, except look at the computer all day.

Humans are social and it’s not good for her to sit there like that. So for the past week or two I’ve been taking initiative.

First, I walk up the steps to the kitchen. When I come to the fence, I bite into one of the metal bars and shake the whole thing back and forth.

That’s when it starts.

“Belinda! Leave that exercise pen alone!”

I wait a few seconds. If she doesn’t come to get me I push my shoulder against the pen, over and over. To make it slide across the floor.

“Belinda! I can’t think straight.”

It’s not a very good fence, to tell you the truth. If I run into it full-tilt, the sides fold and I can walk around the end part.

Next thing you know I’m standing next to her chair.

I guess she gets suspicious because all the racket stops. She’ll look away from the computer and look down and see me.

Then she’ll say “you silly girl” and pet me on the shoulders. Tell me I’m a good girl. Mixed messages. She doesn't even realize I'm just trying to take care of her.

So for Mother’s Day I’m mixing it up myself.

Even if she’s sitting at the table for hours, I’m not going to mess with the fence. No shaking or rattling, not matter how much I want to.

My gift to my roommate is peace and quiet.



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