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Belinda Says Hay: “Resolutions for Others”

belinda says hay resolutions for others

Hello. It’s Belinda.

It was so cold all week and that means two things.

One, I keep thinking about the days I lived outdoors, loose in the city. I was rescued before the weather got cold but I still had to fend for myself. Deal with the heat and noise and looking for water and sleeping under cars.

So I’m not proud of what comes next.

A few times this week I felt a cold draft while I was walking past the basement door. And I got annoyed about it.

Then I think Belinda. I thump at myself, that’s how guilty I feel. My roommate hears and says “Now what? What are you thumping about?”

That’s the second thing about this weather. My roommate is home even more than normal. If she had a job it would be OK but instead she roams through the house fussing.

“Belinda, did you come up with some more resolutions?” Every day she reminds me until it isn’t reminding but nagging.

I know my resolution to eat more hay was not enough. Not to be rude but when you give a rabbit five boxes of hay for Christmas that is where the mind goes.

The thing is, I can’t think with this weather. Too cold. I think we could move resolutions to May or June and nobody would notice.

The funny thing is while I couldn’t think of any for myself, I have lots of ideas for everyone else. I don’t know yet if I will share these but it’s good to write them down just in case.

New Year’s Resolutions (2018)


Leave the house every day.

Stretch goal: Find a new home for the English.


Escape the exercise pen and visit me every day.  

Stretch goal: When I want to nap, return to your pen within one minute.

Boyfriend’s companion

Stop staring at me.

Stretch goal: Keep my boyfriend in the pen when I want to nap.

The English

Stay on the top floor.

Stretch goal: Move out.

My agent

Give me the password to the company email.

Stretch goal: Give me the company credit card.

The hard thing is stopping at two for each. The good news is I can make suggestions like this all year long.

In fact, I think I have just come up with my own stretch goal.



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