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Belinda Says Hay: “Something Weird is Happening”

belinda says hay something weird

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Something fishy is going on and I’m not a fan. It all started with my roommate acting funny.

A few days ago, I woke up from my half-nap because I had an itch. Hay crumb in my ear.

I heard her upstairs in the kitchen on the phone. She was laughing and carrying on about something and I heard my name not once but twice.

No way to sleep after that so I walked up the steps as slowly as I could. Skipped the one that creaks.

Stopped near the top with just my head showing. Didn’t dare step onto the kitchen floor with the clicking.

 “She has no idea. Her agent told everyone to keep quiet.”

Her back was to me and she was fiddling with something at the counter. I heard bags.

“Right, it’s a Sunday. April 22.”

I turned so I could listen with my strong ear. She started banging things around, opening and closing drawers.

Mumbling but it sounded like “Earth Day cards” and “Rusty Bunny” and “great to work with.”

Rusty Bunny?

I kept hearing that over and over, like it was doing laps. Rusty Bunny Rusty Bunny. Finally it stopped doing laps because I realized she meant Dusty Bunneh. From California.

Who I thought was my friend.

I was so startled I tilted forward a little and then it happened. I tripped and stumbled into the kitchen and that was the end of that.

My roommate spun around and said “Ah-Belinda-hi!”

Then she said I’ll call you back and put the phone in her pocket.

Now this may not seem like a big deal but here’s the problem. I have been living here since September 2013, when I was six months old. I will be five in a few weeks and the fact is my roommate has never spun and said “Ah-hi!” to me before this.

She smiled at me but her eyes were funny, like she was watching a bug fly around. I went back downstairs and tried to sleep. Kept waking up thinking about Rusty Bunny Rusty Bunny.

I figured the only way to get to the bottom of this would be to stick my neck out and just ask Dusty Bunneh. Not sure if I’m supposed to use the Small Pet Select social media sites for personal business but I have no choice. They won’t give me the email password after what happened back in October.

That’s when I saw it. A post on the company Facebook page with comments but it was all in grey. Just a bunch of shapes instead of words. Like I was blocked. Clicked on it but nothing happened.

Since then I have spent most of my time under the steps. Not sure if I should ask Dusty Bunneh anything. Because when you see grey shapes instead of words you might really be seeing the writing on the wall, if you know what I mean.

My roommate and my agent are trying to get Dusty Bunneh on the team. That’s all I can think. To replace me as spokesrabbit. Sounds like they are starting with some sort of special cards for Earth Day.

I probably shouldn’t even be writing this but I can’t think about anything else right now. Not even alfalfa, that’s how much of a wreck I am.

For those of you who missed seeing a post on Easter because I had the day off, thanks for having my back and asking about it. I’m sorry today’s post is so gloomy but if I’m right and Dusty Bunneh takes over maybe he won’t be such a “Debbie Downer.”



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