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Belinda Says Hay: “A Surprise at the Airport”

belinda says hay at the airport

Hello. It’s Belinda.

I got the surprise of my life last Saturday.

It all started when my agent showed up at my house.

“Get yourself together, Belinda. We’re going to the airport.”

Told me we needed to greet two rabbits. “Justice and Bill.”

Until a month or so ago, they were living outdoors in Las Vegas. 

Bill was found looking for food and water at a trailer park. Justice was rescued from a field outside a building and not a minute too soon either. Because as they were riding away she gave birth in the car.

Anyway, on the way down the hall to baggage claim I practiced what I would say. To make them feel welcome.

You can watch me riding through the airport in my Belindamobile by clicking here.  

Turns out I’ve been learning a lot about Las Vegas lately thanks a TV show. It’s about a detective named “Dan Tanna.”

Sometimes I fall asleep when my shows are on but I pick up the lingo anyway. Which helped me to figure out how to greet Justice and Bill.

“Welcome to Pennsylvania,” I said. “You’re going to love living with my agent.”

“You really hit the jackpot.”

No response from either one. They just watched me from inside their carriers. 

It was a little awkward, if you want to know the truth. Waiting there in silence as Justice, Bill, their rescuers Stacey and Jodie and I all looked at each other.

Finally my agent piped up and said, “They must be tired from their long flight, Belinda.”

Then it happened.

She told me the rabbits are “still on Las Vegas time.”

Las Vegas time?

I had no idea there was such a thing.

I’m finally adjusted to this whole Daylight Saving Time business and waking up when I’m supposed to. A few minutes before breakfast. Not in the middle of the night or an hour late.

And now I find out that rabbits from Las Vegas, even after they fly on a plane to Pennsylvania, are two hours in the past.

So if I ask them if they know Dan Tanna or some other “ice breaker” question, I guess I have to wait two hours for a reply. Or maybe four hours if it’s round-trip.

All I know for certain is that Justice and Bill have settled in at my agent’s house. They’re in the guest room where I usually stay, with the wooden Thistledown Keep fortress and Castle Commons and all the tunnels and ramps.

They have more hay than a rabbit could eat in a million years and I mean real years, not Daylight Saving Time or Las Vegas. Plus hanging wood mobiles, dried okra pods, willow balls. You name it.

A few months ago, living outdoors, they never imagined their luck could change this much.

Some things you just don’t see coming. Like rabbits who are right in front of you but two hours away.

Or my other big surprise of the week. “Silence from the big boss.”

Before my birthday party, when I thought I was being fired, I drew up an “exit strategy” about some things that would happen at the company after I was gone.

I got some others involved and had them sign agreements. Took it all to the notary office, which means you have to do what the papers say. Even if I want to undo it, it’s too late because of that notary stamp.

Everything was mailed to Mr. Gordon at company headquarters. But so far, I have not heard a word about it.

I’m starting to think he and my agent might “call my bluff,” as they say in Las Vegas.

That would be the biggest surprise of all.



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