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Belinda Says Hay: “A Tax Day Surprise”

belinda says hay tax day

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Nothing new to report on my roommate’s sneaky phone call about “Earth Day cards.”

Dusty Bunneh wrote on the company Facebook page that he’s not after my job. Everyone could see his comment so I guess I should stop worrying.

I have other things on my mind anyway. Big changes coming.

First of all, I have a big birthday coming up on April 22. So I’m trying to focus on that instead of nonsense from my roommate. She hasn’t even mentioned my birthday because she’s in a panic about taxes.

That’s the second thing on my mind. Turns out you’re supposed to send papers to the government if you have a job. After they check your math they send you a “tax refund.”

The TV commercials talk about it. “Enjoy your tax refund with a trip to Disney World.”

Well I wouldn’t mind tapping into that Disney money. But I would go to New Zealand. If I lose my spokesrabbit job maybe I’ll just stay there.

The thing is I need help getting the numbers together. I haven’t been paid since I started this job back in September so not sure what to send in.

My roommate isn’t sure either but with her own taxes. She has been sitting at the dining room table all week moving papers from one side to the other.

Some little scraps fell to the floor and I ran over to help and she yelled, “No! My receipts!”

That’s what it’s been like here. I was digging in my kitchen box like usual and I hear, “Belinda! I’m on the phone with my CPA!” Which meant I was too noisy.

Later I got onto my roommate’s laptop and looked up “CPA” to see what the big deal was. That’s when it all clicked. A CPA could help me get my refund money.

But that’s not all.

Some CPAs are also notaries. That means they put a stamp on your papers to make them official. If I hand you a document and you see a notary stamp you have to do what it says.

And that is how I dug up my birthday gift to myself. Because I’m going to be five years old and it’s time to do things my way. Especially at work.

And with help from my new friends at the notary office, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.



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