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Belinda Says Hay: “The Blue Moon Is Coming”

Belinda Says Hay "The Blue Moon Is Coming"

Hello. It's Belinda.

I hope you have a snack handy. Because this blog might be "extra wordy."

Some weeks nothing much happens. But this week was a "doozy." I hope I spelled that right. 

And next week will make all this look like a "picnic in the park." If you want to know why look at the headline.

But first things first. I have some good news.

I got an email from my new friend Kim. She's the person who won the Ad Feedback $150 Gift Card Giveaway.

I mentioned last week that I sent a "congratulations" to the winner but I did not hear back. 

Turns out my email was in her spam folder. Which is exactly what the tech team said. So once again they got me out of a jam.

Anyway Kim was super-happy to win the gift card because she does the shopping for five roommates. Their names are Polly, Paige, Pearl, Penny and Poppy.

She even sent a photo:

If you're wondering what they're up to, here's what Kim wrote:

"In the pic, they are enjoying their Small Pet Select Garden Goodness Layer Feed! All I have to do in the evening to get them all in the coop is shake a cup of the feed and they come running!"

This made my day for two reasons.

One, the chickens are happy. I hope Kim uses that $150 gift card to buy Polly, Paige, Pearl, Penny and Poppy everything they want. And a little something extra. "From Santa."

Two, it just goes to show you that my chicken ad was a good idea. Even though some people said it "didn't make any sense."

Well that's the whole point of advertising according to my "guru" David Ogilvy. I get all of my ideas from his book. "Ogilvy on Advertising." I found it on my roommate's bookshelf a few months ago.  

Anyway I am still reading the comments everyone wrote about my ads. It takes a long time because I'm trying to "sort" them. 

Meaning pro-Belinda ad comments go to one folder. And a few others might go "straight to the spam folder" if you know what I mean. 

Once I get it all sorted and "edited" I'm going to show it to the team.  Settle this once and for all.

Well I warned you. It's 300 words so far and I am still not to the point of this blog. 

I mentioned that my roommate has been acting funny since the summer. Talking about me on the phone. Which was bad enough.

But then she started taking me for "joy rides" downtown and back.

As if I have time to ride around in the car.

Monday afternoon she hit a whole new level. She loaded me into the carrier and I thought fine. Another trip to the city and back.

But instead she drove to a bus stop. It's also called a "park and ride."

My roommate sat on a bench under a roof and held my carrier on her lap. There was plenty of shade so I tried to just enjoy the scenery. All I could see was cars lined up in the parking lot.

When the bus came she climbed inside and sat in the seat behind the driver.  Put my carrier on the seat beside her facing forward. So I could see what was going on.

If you have never been on a bus before I have this to say. It is not like riding in the car. 

For one thing, it stopped every two minutes. Because someone wanted to get on or off the bus. 

Another thing is the noise. The bus doors made a "swish" sound. I didn't care for it. 

Last but not least. The comments. Every time someone walked past and noticed me.

"Is that a cat?"

No. It's a rabbit. 

"Hi bunny!" Yelling it at me. My hearing is fine. "Do you want a carrot?"

She does not want a carrot. Thank you. 

"What a huge rabbit!" Then laughing.

My roommate didn't say anything which can mean only one thing.

She was giving that person a "side look." Once you see that you don't make a peep.

Eventually I nodded off. I woke when my roommate picked up the carrier and got off the bus. We were back at the park and ride. Explain that one.

Well I have no time left for what I wanted to talk about in this blog. I wanted to warn you about the moon.

"And more."

When we were driving home from the bus situation, my roommate told me that next Saturday we will have a "blue moon."

"It's also Halloween and Daylight Saving Time, Belinda. Isn't that exciting?" 

Not a typo. All three in one weekend.

"Good luck."



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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