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Belinda Says Hay: “The Crush”

belinda the rabbit says hay the crush

Hello. It’s Belinda.

How many pear blueberry healthy snackers can a rabbit eat before passing out?

I have no idea. But I was working on the answer when my roommate suddenly burst into the room.

“Big news!” she said. “You’ll be working at Midwest BunFest.”

Then she reached down and took the bag of healthy snackers away. Even though I’m the one who found them on the table.

And even though Josh from the warehouse sent them to me—not her—for my adoptaversary last week.

So I had nothing to chew while I worried about this “working at BunFest” business.

First off, what exactly is Midwest BunFest? Sounded like some sort of festival in a hayfield. I prefer to be indoors but I can be a team player for a special event.

Then the bigger question: Working on what? As of this week, I am one month into this spokesrabbit job. I am still learning how to use email and now this.

Eventually she told me I would be helping at the Small Pet Select booth. That people from all over the country would stop by to say hi and look at our herb mixes and toys and different hays. Sounded easy enough.

Then she “crashed the tractor,” if you know what I mean.

She told me Josh would be there.


The truth of the matter is, I have been thinking about Josh from the warehouse all week.

Every time I move the barricades and search the first floor for the big pile of gifts he sent to me, I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. With this job and with Josh.

I wonder, what sort of person makes the time to select nine different types of hay and ship them halfway across the country to a rabbit he’s never met?

What sort of person hand-packs willow and twine balls and fancy pine cones into a huge box with so much care that they travel five states and don’t get smashed?

Josh from the warehouse, that’s who.

All week, instead of working, I was wondering about him. And distracted by the thought of these toys and treats hidden all over the house.

And what I really wanted was to get into the alfalfa hay. My roommate put it on the floor and stacked five hay boxes on top. I can try to chew my way in but not with her watching.

I’m not allowed to have alfalfa because it’s “too rich” in her opinion.

“Leave that alone,” she says. “That’s for sick bunnies, or for special occasions.”

Well, my adoptaversary is a special occasion.

So is one month on the job.

And being chosen to work at BunFest.

And falling in love.



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