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Belinda Says Hay: “The English has a Boo-boo”

Belinda the Spokesrabbit blog: "The English Has a Boo-boo"

Hello. It's Belinda.

Something big is coming. You are going to love it.

Not anything I came up with but I wish I had. "And then some."

I'm not supposed to promote it yet. They made me promise.

But they didn't say anything about dropping a few clues.

So here's one. "Cute." 

Also: "Stash."

One more. "Clear out some space in your house."

That's all for now.  Watch your email for the big announcement.

On a personal note. I would like to publicly thank Josh from the warehouse for the Valentine's Day surprise box. It arrived just in time.

He sent everything I like. Strawberry Rose Healthy Snackers. Woodland Loops. And five bags of Belinda's Blend herbal mix.

I didn't mention any of this last week because that blog was all about my other boyfriend.

Don't tell Josh I said that. Just kidding.

Well my Valentine's Day loot has a "starring role" in today's blog. And you will never guess why.

It all started on Tuesday afternoon. I was enjoying a half-nap under the utility sink when I heard the dryer door slam.

I started running before my eyes were open and immediately crashed into my roommate's legs.

"Sorry I scared you Belinda. I didn't see you under there."

Which makes no sense. Where else would I be? Ever since she turned my office into a supply closet I have to sleep in "nooks and crannies."

She turned the dryer on and spent the next 10 minutes sweeping hay and tidying Little Fang's pen. When the dryer buzzed she put the broom away.

Then I watched my roommate do the strangest thing.

She opened the dryer door and pulled out a blanket. She gathered it into a heap and hugged it against her chest.

"Perfect. Nice and warm."

Then she walked upstairs.

Now first of all you can't dry a blanket in 10 minutes. I have a "front row seat" to the washer and dryer. I know the routine.

And you don't put one blanket at a time in the dryer. It's wasteful.

That was bad enough but it got worse. 

About an hour later, she did it again. Returned with the blanket and loaded it into the dryer.  Ten minutes later I watch my roommate hug it as she walks back upstairs.

Little Fang and I were beside ourselves. And I couldn't focus on my hay reports.

At dinner time we finally got our answer.

But first, my roommate put the "blanket of mystery" into the dryer for the third time. She turned it on and walked up to the kitchen to make our salads. 

A few minutes later, Little Fang and I were enjoying our romaine and parsley. My roommate was  filling my water bowl.

Suddenly she turned and gave me a "side look."

"Belinda, you sure do have a lot of Woodland Loops in your stash."

I wasn't in the mood for chatter. I wait all day for my dinner salad.

"Josh was very good to you on Valentine's Day."

He sent me five boxes of loops. He knows how I am with loops.

"So anyway. I was just thinking." 

She lowered my bowl to the floor.

"I wondered if you would share some loops with the English."

At that exact moment the dryer buzzer went off. Which was a good distraction. While my roommate fussed  with the blanket I tried to come up with a plan.  

I don't want to be rude. But the truth is I don't care for the English. He stays on the bedroom level and I stay on the bottom level. "Never the twain shall meet."

It keeps peace in the house.

You can see a drawing of him here. If you want to read about the time he bit me, read this blog post.

The bottom line is he can get his own treats. Not my job.

Anyway I noticed my roommate was staring at me. Standing at the bottom of the steps, hugging the warm blanket and staring.

"Belinda, the English hurt his leg. That's why I keep heating this blanket for him. He likes to rest on a warm blanket."

Now I've heard everything.

"That's why he needs extra treats."

She turned and walked upstairs. We didn't see her again that night.

I'm sorry this blog is so long. I need to include all these details. So you understand my side of things.

Anyway I have to continue this story next week. 

In the meantime, remember what I said about "the big cute announcement." 

It's a doozy and it has nothing to do with dryers. 



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