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Belinda Says Hay: “The Olympics”

belinda says hay the olympics

Hello. It’s Belinda.

My roommate always says we don’t have to be so territorial in this house. That there’s plenty of hay and healthy snackers for everyone so it’s not a competition. She says I should compete against myself, whatever that means.

But with caring for my boyfriend after his lump came back and all the rain and cold weather, my roommate must be worn out. She’s been doing nothing all week except sitting on the couch watching the Olympics.

 Nothing wrong with that except for all the noise.

“Go! Go!

 “Yeah! You got this!”


And then clapping. The people at the Olympics can’t hear any of this so I don’t understand the theatrics.

I don’t want to be a spoilsport. But we’re all trying to get in a half-nap or two and it’s hard with the shouting and truck commercials and music. Even if I go under the steps for a chew I can hear her and the TV through the ceiling.

But then it got worse. She started teasing me about it.

The first time, I was relaxing at the top of the steps, looking down to the bottom floor. Suddenly I heard her walking behind me.

“Psyching up for your alpine ski run, Belinda?”

I didn’t respond. I pretended I had something to do downstairs and ran down the steps.

“Watch those moguls, Belinda!” she yelled. “Bend your knees!”

Later, when she was sweeping old hay and cardboard scraps off my rug, she told me I’d better be careful because the Zamboni was coming.  A broom is not a Zamboni so again I just ignored her.

Then, the next morning, she accidentally kicked my water bowl across the floor. Instead of apologizing, she said the curling match had begun and the United States was in the lead.

Here’s where it gets personal. She asked if I was rooting for the US or New Zealand.

The thing about living with humans and rabbits is you have to let things go. They will get into your alfalfa stash. They will bunch up your sleeping rug. They will groom your ears in the wrong order.

And sometimes they will blurt things out about your past at the worst time, like when you are relaxing after breakfast. Because although I don’t know much about my early years, before I was taken from the city streets to the shelter, that doesn’t mean I want to be quizzed about my homeland at seven o’clock in the morning.

But my roommate made it up to me. She was loading my hay manger with orchard medley last night and I put my nose in before she was finished. She laughed and told me I get the gold medal for hay eating.

I started to get offended when I realized something. That was the best compliment I’ve ever had.



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