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Belinda Says Hay: “The Winners of My $1000 Giveaway”

Belinda the spokesrabbit weekly blog: "The Winners of My $1000 Giveaway"

Hello. It's Belinda.

I have a big announcement. "At last."

It's the names of the winners of my big five-year anniversary $1000 giveaway.

First up are the winners from the USA: My friend Annie E. from Michigan and her favorite rescue, The Fluffle House.

The Fluffle House helps a lot of rabbits, especially since they teamed up with their friends at Hay Monsters Rabbit Sanctuary. All of their adoptable rabbits stay in foster homes until they get their own human roommates. 

I checked out some of the rabbits The Fluffle House is helping. I see two from New Zealand, my homeland.

I would like to know how all these rabbits from NZ ended up in the USA. Including me. Someone should look into it in my opinion.

Next up are the winners from the UK:  My friend Karen K. and Redgate Animal Sanctuary in Leicestershire. 

Redgate Animal Sanctuary helps rabbits and many more animals. Such as cats, ducks, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys. Some of them are elderly or sick.

You can see animals who need a home on the Redgate Facebook page.

A supermodel Lionhead couple named Tilly and Beanie are featured on the page. I hope they get some goodies out of that $1000 prize.

Loops for instance.

Well there you have it. "That's a wrap" for my biggest giveaway ever. 

Congratulations to Annie, Karen, The Fluffle House and Redgate Animal Sanctuary. "Happy shopping" to the four of you.

Speaking of shopping and having fun. I have news about Midwest BunFest, taking place Saturday, Oct. 22, in Columbus, Ohio.

A very special rabbit will be helping to staff the Small Pet Select table.

His name is Jack In The Bag.

Jack-In-The-Bag rockets into first place in the calendar contest after Abigail rallies the troops.

You might recognize him.

Abigail wrote about Jack In The Bag a few weeks ago.

He was in a contest to be featured on the front of a calendar. Which is a big deal in my opinion. Especially since he won. 

"Way to go Jack In The Bag."

He's not just a "calendar cover bun." He's also a Small Pet Select ambassador.

Ambassadors earn "moola" when their friends or supporters shop on the Small Pet Select website. It's an easy way to earn funds for your rescue or yourself. 

Learn more about the ambassador program.

If you're going to Midwest BunFest, be sure to stop by the Small Pet Select table. Meet Jack In The Bag and pick up some free snacks.

You might be wondering if I'm going to Midwest BunFest.

I have no idea. And I've been afraid to ask, if you want to know the truth.

I could use a weekend away. Even if it's a "working vacation."

Anyway. Enough about me.

I hope you have a good week. 



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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