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Belinda Says Hay: “This Is the Real Blog”

Belinda Says Hay spokesrabbit blog. "This Is the Real Blog" Aug 27 2023

Hello. It's Belinda.

Thank you for clicking on today's blog.

I wouldn't blame you if you "scrolled on by." After what happened last week. 

I apologize to everyone who saw those photos. And also to those who saw my blog two weeks ago.  Which was also a mess. 

OK moving on.

The good news is we're back on track today with "part three" of my series about why rabbits lick.

Some of you sent emails to me with your ideas about the topic. Which was super helpful if you want to know the truth. 

For example, my friend Bon bon wrote about his brother, bun bun.

His email said "he recently passed away and I’ve been trying to be a good bun for his roommate.  She was very close to him and I heard her say he was her 'baby' on several occasions ... 

Anyway, about your question, bun bun told me he belonged to our roommate.  He was hers and she was his. He would groom her all the time as a sign of 'ownership.'  

When he got sick he told me to make sure to give her kisses on the nose when she goes to sleep. He made me promise. So I try to remember to do it every night but sometimes I just don’t want to."

Now this is exactly the kind of "insider information" I wanted for my blog. I hope that all roommates read that, especially the last part.

Thanks Bon bon for making time to write to me while you are missing your brother.

Next is an email from my friend Laura M.

Put on your thinking cap because this one is “scientific.”

Her email says "Our rabbit Harvey groomed us regularly and would pin John down at least once a day for a long grooming session. She would lick his face for about ten minutes. 

John said she was like a dog and only after the salt on his skin. I said no, rabbits groom people they liked. It was a social thing.

So we tried an experiment. John mowed the lawn and got all sweaty. Then he came in and carefully washed half his face. Then he laid on the floor so Harvey could groom him. She licked some on the sweaty side but she mostly stuck to the clean side."

How do you like that. Sounds like Harvey taught John an important lesson about rabbits. We are not dogs.

Thanks for the great research Laura M.

My friend Suzanne M. wrote about her friend Angel Robbie.

Her email says that “Robbie licked me a lot! He was quite loving. He licked especially after I petted him. But, he would come over and lick me even if I didn't pet him, or have treats!"

Robbie sounds like a “good egg" in my opinion. I’m glad Suzanne M. sent this to me because I thought rabbits would expect a snacker or loop in that situation. I learned something new today.

Last but not least is this message from my friend Sherri S. 

She wrote that "I wholeheartedly believe that licking is grooming; for both parties.  Bun-Bun licks me when she’s happy with me  She licks me when I have pet her for a time and she licks me when I’m holding her and she’s done with my affection.  

When I let her down, she immediately starts grooming herself where I have touched her.  Such a silly bunny."

Bun-Bun is just trying to be polite. Rabbits can't help it if humans make them feel "itchy."

Sherri S. is lucky to have so much grooming help. Some roommates could use it but they live with rabbits who are busy with "what not." If you know what I mean.

I want to thank everyone who sent emails to me. I'm sorry I couldn't include all of them in my blog. I read every one of them twice.

And a final thank you to my friend Julie K. for giving me the idea for this series.

If anyone else has a question about rabbit behavior please leave it in the comments. Or email me at

I probably won't know the answer but I can ask everyone else to pitch in again. It's fun.

I hope you have a good week. "Get some sleep." 



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