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Belinda the spokesrabbit blog for Easter 2022

Hello. It's Belinda.

This is a special blog.

I wrote it for all the baby rabbits out there who landed in new homes this week. Sometimes their roommates call them "Easter bunnies."

Dear "Easter Bunny,"

You don't know me but I'm a spokesrabbit for Small Pet Select. We sell hay, treats, toys and other goodies.

Part of my job is to "look out" for rabbits. Especially youngsters.

When I was about six months old, I was taken to a shelter here in Pittsburgh. It was September.

If you do the math that means I might have been an "Easter bunny" too. I was born in New Zealand and I don't remember much about my early days.

I ended up in a good home and I hope you did too.

Here's a few things that might help you get along with your roommate during your first year together.

Fourth of July

In a few months you will be a "Fourth of July Rabbit." That's a holiday here in the USA. You might hear thumping outside but that's fireworks. Just ignore it. 

You will be a teenager in June or July and that means hormones. You might get the urge to run in circles around your roommate's feet and that's fine. Just not on the steps.

But please don't give "love bites." Roommates don't like that sort of thing. They aren't rabbits. 

They also don't like to clean the wall if you know what I mean. So if you're a boy rabbit use the litterbox. I'm sorry if this is "TMI" but some baby rabbits don't know these things.

Labor Day 

Labor Day is another USA holiday and it celebrates workers. It's in September. That means you'll be six or seven months old when you're a "Labor Day Rabbit." 

By this time you will have your own "work projects" around the house. Such as digging in the carpet behind a chair. Or clearing out some of the "roots and vines" behind the TV.

Today is a good time to start planning ahead for different ways to stay busy. It feels good to tear up carpet and bite wire and cables but nothing good comes from it. Trust me on this. 

Ask your roommate for apple sticks and a big pile of alfalfa hay to chew. (Alfalfa is for growing rabbits). 

I like to eat two or three hays mixed together. It keeps me out of trouble.

New Year's Day

When you become a "New Year's Bunny" it's time to set some resolutions.

One good habit is spending more time with your roommate. If they work at the dining room table, try sleeping nearby with your eyes open.

Another good resolution is pitching in with chores. Help them to make the bed by "smooshing" the sheets and pillows.

Experiment to see what works best for you. Every roommate is different. 

Valentine's Day 

Your first birthday will probably be sometime in early February.  Happy birthday to the "Valentine's Day Bunny."

After a year of living in your new home, I hope you have found plenty to "love" about your roommate and the house.

For example, it's fun to relax in your favorite spot. It's also fun to roam around the house (stay away from all "vines and roots").

Best of all, you can watch TV or take naps with your roommate. Once you figure out their routines you will know when and how to beg for treats or back scratches.

Well Easter Bunny, I hope you have enjoyed this blog.

If I can help you with anything, email me at

Sincerely, Belinda

Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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