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Belinda Says Hay: “Treats, Snacks & Hay”

Belinda Says Hay spokesrabbit blog, Jan 21, 2024: "Treats, Snacks and Hay"

Hello. It's Belinda.

It's about three degrees outside. That’s according to my roommate.

She hasn't left the house all week. Says it's "too cold to drive."

The thing is, her car has a heater. I've gone for rides in the winter. It’s fine.

She clears off the snow and gets things nice and “toasty” before she brings me out in my carrier.

What I’m trying to say is I wish my roommate would leave the house for a few hours. She’s extra noisy when we’re cooped up like this.

I have a case of the “Januaries” if you want to know the truth. Which is a word I made up. It means a certain kind of mood. 

When you have a case of the Januaries all you want is for everyone to be quiet so you can stuff your face in peace.

That's why today’s blog is about food. I need to think about something nice and maybe you do too.

First up is Healthy Snackers. 

Have you tried them yet? Choose from pear blueberry, apple, carrot pineapple, pumpkin and banana. And the newest flavor, apple pea flake.

They’re made from ground timothy hay, oats and fresh fruits and herbs. 100% all-natural with no added sugar.

You can see all of our treats here.

My roommate's been sprinkling a lot of herbal mixes on top of our hay this week. Just as a little "pick-me-up."

I always have a few bags of Belinda's Blend in my stash. Little Fang likes the Young at Heart herbal blend because it has elderflower and rose petals. 

You can even buy an herbal sampler bundle. 

Speaking of sampler. Josh sent three sampler hay boxes to me from the warehouse last month.  

It's a good thing because I can't make up my mind. One minute I want timothy. The next minute I want oat.

Each sampler box includes 2nd cutting timothy hay, 3rd cutting timothy hay, oat hay and orchard hay.

Just open the lid and start chewing.

I've had to stop four times while writing this blog. I'm not hungry but I can't stop snacking.

I hope you can do something nice for yourself today. 

"Keep warm."



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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