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Belinda Says Hay: ”Uninvited Guest”

Belinda Says Hay spokesrabbit blog. "Uninvited Guest" June 11 2023

Hello. It's Belinda.

Is the air where you live OK? 

I'm writing this on Friday. My roommate says the air outside is smoky.

She says it's not just Pittsburgh.  A lot of places in the US and Canada have smoky air.     

Yesterday morning, I could hear her coughing while she worked at the dining room table. That's how loud it was.

Around noon, she walked down the steps to the bottom level. I thought she was bringing lunch but she was carrying something heavy in her arms. A gizmo for the house.

She lowered it to the floor slowly. Then she plugged a cord into the wall.

"Sorry for the racket, bunnies." 

Turns out it was an air purifier. She pushed a button and I heard a fan. Fine by me.

My roommate walked back upstairs and a few minutes later, she returned. This time she was carrying a folded-up exercise pen.

Oh no.

I stared as she walked to Little Fang's section of the room. I kept staring as she set up the pen into a large rectangle.

Little Fang was watching too. Her face was lit up like a Christmas tree.

She knew what was coming. 

"Guess what, ladies? We're having a slumber party!"

My roommate explained that she wanted us to share the purified air in our room until the smoke cleared outdoors.

She made a few more trips up and down the steps. She added a food dish, water bowl, chew toy, apple sticks, hidey box and litter box to the pen.

Last and worst in my opinion she brought the English down from the bedroom level. 

As soon as he had "four on the floor" in the pen he threw the chew toy into the water bowl. Then he chinned the hidey box. Which makes no sense. 

And people wonder why I don't care for him.

Little Fang pretended not to notice any of this. But her whiskers were twitching. She has a big crush on him. 

None of my business.  

"Oh no!" my roommate said.

"I forgot your blankie. I'll be right back."

The three of us watched as she took the steps two at a time.

Then the English turned to look toward my side of the room. His eyes moved all over, from the dryer to my sleeping rug.

He was trying to find my stash.

I'll tell the rest of this story next week.

By then, I hope I'm free from two uninvited guests.

The smoke and you-know-who.



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