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Belinda Says Hay: “Your Gift Ideas”

Belinda Says Hay Spokesrabbit blog, Dec 10 2023. "Your Gift Ideas."

Hello. It's Belinda.

Two weeks until the big day. It's so exciting.

I can't wait to open my treats. I mean gifts.

Speaking of chewing off wrapping paper. Have you found anything for your favorite "hay fans" in our Countdown to Christmas?

I hope you check out the emails. Every day you get a new special deal. Up to 20% off the regular price.

You might find a sale on some old favorites. Or a new "discovery."

As for me, I'm still trying to decide what to get for Abigail. 

I wrote about it in my blog last week. All about how I really need to "knock it out of the park" this year.

Fortunately for me, some of you sent A+ suggestions to me.

For example, my friend Rachel M. wrote a super-helpful comment under my blog. She said I should build "a homemade digging /forage box. You'll need a little help from your house mate as she will need to cut it to a half covered litter box, then fill it with lots of different hays and treats from your stash and then gift wrap it and send it with a nice gift tag."

I think that Abigail would love a digging/forage box. It's fun to "root around" in a box full of goodies. It's like a toy made out of snacks.

Tom I. also suggested a toy. He wrote "Having broken my share of bones, my human recommendation is to send Abigail something to chew. She may be allowed out and around but probably needs to build up to the running around like we have seen her doing in some of the videos in her blog."

Good thinking. There's nothing wrong with her mouth so she could really have fun with a chew toy.

Now we move into the "food category."

For starters, my friend Angelica C. asked "How about asking your roommate to send some snackers she can bake? I think it´s a great idea!"

I think so too Angelica C. I hope my roommate sees this blog.

Cindy P. was thinking "along the same lines." She wrote that "I think an assortment of her favorite fruits and veggies that have been dried would be great. Your roommate would have to cut them up for you but you could help put them on the trays to dry (you can taste test them to make sure they are good). Our favorites are apples, zucchini, bananas and fresh cranberries (those puff up like little pillows and are so lite)."

Could you imagine the look on Abigail's face if she found all that on her doorstep. She would be snacking well into the new year.

I added Cindy P.'s suggestion to my list. I'm really glad for all this help.

I'm not sure what category is the right one for Lissa R.'s comment. She wrote that "Pippin just got a new, luxe setup for his 'bedroom,' and Hazel is, as always, wishing for kisses from Pippin. If he is being a butt, she would settle for some dandelion greens."

Sounds like there's a bit of "romance" brewing between Hazel and Pippin. Not to gossip but you have to "read between the lines."

Last but not least, Ann Marie M. had an excellent idea. She wrote "I know you drew a picture of Abigail for Christmas once, so how about a poem about her this year?"

Now that is something Abigail would never expect. Little Fang is usually the "poet" in this house. No comment.

I want to thank everyone who helped me to "brainstorm" ideas. I need to make a decision soon. "Santa o'clock" is my deadline and I don't dare miss it.

Well that's all for now. I hope you have a good week. 

"Happy shopping."



Spokesrabbit, Small Pet Select

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