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Belinda Says Hay: “Your Memories”

Belinda Says Hay spokesrabbit blog, Feb 3, 2024: "Your Memories"

Hello. It's Belinda.

How are you doing?

I'm doing OK. 

But I'm not ready to do much work to be honest. The boss says I can take all the time off I need.

So for this blog, I got some help. I'm writing about Abigail's celebration of life, which we held on Wednesday. I hope you had a chance to participate by sending in your thoughts or memories about Abigail and her novel.

I want to thank everyone who posted messages in the comments on the celebration of life page. Or sent them to me at I added your emails to the comments.

I know that Abigail's dad appreciates your stories and encouraging words. I do too.

You can read them here.

You can also read a very nice poem that Abigail's dad wrote on that page.

Now here's the part where I get some help with today's blog.

The celebration of life received a lot of messages. I read them three times. 

They did such a good job of honoring Abigail that I wanted to share just a few of the messages here. I hope you don't mind.

By the way, many of them did not include a name. I'm going to leave that part off all of them.

Here they are:

"There are not words to express the sadness and loss we feel over little Abigail. We had bunnies for many years before we discovered Abigail's stories, but she quickly became a long distance member of our family. If I had to say one thing that moved me the most about her life, it is the unconditional care and love that her bunny dad gave her in giving her the best possible life any bunny could ever have. Although her final pictures brought tears to my eyes, it also confirmed what I have said above. She had a wonderful life in a truly loving forever home. I know she will always be in her bunny dad's heart. Binky free little one."

"Abigail had no idea just how many buns she helped save. I decided to rescue buns after reading her blog posts and I was more able to understand what bunnies need after reading the accounts of how she and Dad learned to know and understand each other. Though I still had a lot of learning to do with my bunnies, I had a huge advantage from the beginning because I had already seen 'Through Abigail's Eyes.' I'm sure Theo and Phoebe will greet her at the bridge with thanks for helping their mom understand them better. Binky free, little one. You've made such a difference for so many."

"I have been reading Abigail's blogs since the very beginning. I always looked forward to them every week and they always brightened my day. When she was treated for her thymoma I remember reading of other bunnies with the same thing whose parents were devastated and I always shared her story of hope. I loved reading of her adventures with all the buns who came in over time to share her space. And I loved to hear about life from her perspective as a nethie because it helped me better understand my own nethie cross boy. I loved that she and dad listened to the song A Thousand Years together and I started singing that to my bun too. The world has lost an amazing bunny and advocate for proper rabbit care. Binky free sweet Abigail. My condolences to her dad and all her bunny friends at the House of Buns."

"I have been a SPS customer for several years mainly through my two chinchillas named Abigail and Belinda. I have always loved the weekly blogs from SPS's two rabbits. Abigail showed such kindness, particularly to other rabbits in need. Abigail was instrumental to me in adopting a neglected surrendered Albino Rex rabbit named SnowBella last summer. I followed Abigail very closely this past year with her health issues and cried for days when she crossed Rainbow Bridge. I will miss her very much. Thank you Maurice 'Dad' for giving her such a good life. The video of Abigail's life was so well done and very touching. The stained-glass window hanging of Abigail is a nice treasure."

"Having had housebuns for over 25 years, I knew a lot about them. However, I think one of the most important lessons Abigail shared was to always make time for your loved ones and to keep your heart open to new friendships. She (& her Dad) were the reason the House of Buns really succeeded."

"I enjoyed watching the night cam binkies from day one. It’s amazing how much room such a tiny character can take up in your heart. Binky on, Abigail! We’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge. ❤️"

"Abigail meant so much to me. I looked forward to reading her stories each week. Especially how she and her dad always looked for ways to help other rabbits in need. This is something I strive to do as well. Abigail holds a special place in my heart. I have a senior Netherland dwarf bunny (Hazel), and can relate to the challenges of caring for an aging bunny. I know Abigail lived a wonderful life and brought so much happiness to others. I'm grateful that her dad shared her experiences with all of us."

"I've read Abigail's stories for years. It was always grounding to see other rabbit-parents experiencing the same trials and challenges. I also lost a bun, in a similar chain of 'one thing right after another' in December and cried at learning of Abigail's passing."

"A first bunny has a very important job:

1 - introduce the person to the wonderful world of bunnies, and
2 - make the person fall head over heels with him/her

That ensures that the person will continue adopting and loving many more bunnies and giving them good homes. All thanks to the first bunny.

Good job, sweet little Abigail! You were hugely successful and can watch your legacy from heaven with love and satisfaction!"

Thank you again for joining us for the celebration of life. It is wonderful to read about all the ways Abigail helped to make life better for so many rabbits and roommates.

Your kindness is helping to make these hard days a little easier.



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