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The benefits of Linden

benefits of linden for rabbits and guinea pigs

The benefits of linden for small animals are great. Linden supports the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems... three areas where rabbits and guinea pigs often have issues.

Linden is a marvelous natural stress reliever, and we know a few nervous little animals out there. Providing herbs that calm and soothe the nervous system can help new rabbits adjust to surroundings, make vet trips and other adventures less scary, and make the world a little less upsetting.

linden healthy for rabbits and giunea pigs

Linden is also soothing for stomach cramping and pain, something rabbits can be especially prone to. Linden is an anti-spasmodic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, keeping urinary problems at bay. It promotes liver and kidney health in general, and this keeps toxins flushed.

Linden is a good go-to herb to treat colds and respiratory problems.  

Preventing cancer is always a good tactic, and linden is full of antioxidants, like quercetin.  

Linden is a perfect fit for supporting small animals, and a useful addition when rounding out the variety in your animal's diet.

Want to try out some Linden for your rabbit or guinea pig?  We've got it!  Nice and freshly dried, pesticide free, flower and leaf mix.  We bet there will be some binkies and popcorning all over the place... because the benfits of linden for small animals are just that exciting!

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