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Best. Ever. Rat Memes.

Best. Ever. Rat Memes.

Okay. I had to take a break from serious blogs. Because no one likes serious all of the time. So, what better way to take a break than… find some awesome rat memes. These little guys crack me up. And the humans who created these memes crack me up too. So, whoever did these, a huge shoutout. I bow down to you.

If I had a boyfriend, this would be the story of my life. Can ya’ll agree?!

#1 - rat memes

Rats have jokes, too. (And they're obviously WAY better than mine.)

#4 - rat memes

Awe, little guy. No one's mocking you. But I could see how you'd be slightly confused.

#3 Rat Memes

You know we've all had those nights... and there is zero reason for shame. 

#2 rat memes

If you've ever owned a rat, this makes perfect sense. Plus. HOW CUTE IS THIS LITTLE ONE?!

#1 rat meme

Welp, folks, that's all for today. Five is totally enough when they're as awesome as these are. Have raticulously great week!

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