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Best Rat Videos… Ever

Best rat YouTube videos

I’ve said it once (and after you watch these I’m sure you’ll agree)… rats are the most intelligent little rodents. I mean, they’re honestly probably smarter than I am, and I have my Bachelor’s degree. But hey, I’m not ashamed to admit it. Plus they’re so adorable. I’ll also admit here that they’re more adorable than me. Now I’m kind of wishing I was a rat. Anyway, check these out... IMO, they're the best rat videos around.

#3 Five Talented Rats. 

Paris, Shadow, Raven, Suki and Famous are sure to give any rattie a run for their money in the smarts division. Did you know that rats can literally tightrope walk? I did not. But they can!

#2 10 Tricks To Train Your Rat Tutorial

I love this video… it shows you HOW to actually train your rat. And the directions are so simple. 

#1 Famous’ Birthday: A Short Film

Famous is one lucky rat. And even though the video includes multiple animal species, Famous is the star. One of the most precious videos I’ve ever seen. You’ll be smiling at the end… even if you’re having a really (REALLY) bad day.

There you go. You’re welcome for the smiles, courtesy of the best rat videos around.

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