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Weekly Cuties

Weekly Cuties: 09142019

Weekly Cuties, September 21, 2019

 Free Shipping Code for orders under $40:       WC-GRATITUDE Today we celebrate World Gratitude Day! I bet just by looking around our homes and who we share them with we can all easily find something to be grateful for today!!  Be sure to tell each and everyone one of the people and pets … Continue Reading

Weekly Cuties: 09072019

Weekly Cuties, September 7, 2019

 Free Shipping Code for orders under $40:       WC-NORHYME This past Sunday, September 1, was No Rhyme or Reason Day! First made famous by the 1590 Shakespearean play Comedy of Errors, this phrase can be interpreted many different ways and because of this can be celebrated a variety of ways. Spend the whole day talking in … Continue Reading

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