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Celebrate the Holidays. Get Your Guinea Pig Toys They’re Gonna ❤️.

guinea pigs wearing Santa hats

Did you know that most guinea pig toys you find in big-box retailers are full of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and other icky stuff that isn’t good for you or your cavy? We all want to do right by our pets, so it’s important to give them toys that are fun, safe, AND healthy. So say goodbye to dyes, paints, and chemicals this holiday season and gift your guinea pig toys that they will love… and that are good for them. Here are some of our favorite guinea pig holiday toys and why they’re a hit. Because guinea pig Christmas presents are a must.

All-Natural Guinea Pig Toys

Just like hoomans, guinea pigs are all unique. They’re not a one-size-fits all (no animal is). And because of this, they enjoy different kinds of toys based on their personalities. But the following toys are guinea pig favorites:

Hanging Mobiles

Mobiles come in all shapes and sizes and can include hay cubes, rye twists, and guinea pig-safe wood. Mobiles are a favorite among our little friends because they love to pull on things. When these all-natural mobiles are hung from the top of the cage, they provide hours of entertainment.

But guinea pig toys aren’t just optional for fun or play; they’re a necessity. Guinea pigs’ natural activities involve 75% foraging, which means they love to dig, search out food, pull, chew, and toss. Mobiles mix up their environment and give them a chance to channel this behavior. And of course, none of our mobiles contain pesticides, dangerous parts, dyes, or anything else that might hurt your little one.

Twist Toys

It’s rare to find a guinea pig that doesn’t love twists! We have three flavors of twists (rye, maize, and meadow) or you can choose the twists sampler and try them all. Guinea pigs can chew them, push them around the cage, or toss ‘em around… an excellent source of fiber and fun.

Fidget Sticks 

Fidget sticks are great as a longer distraction, a bedtime treat, or a tasty reward. They’re  fun to toss and chew and they provide comfort to your little guy or gal. All of our fidget sticks are totally handmade without any glues, colors, or other funky stuff. And we have have them in a variety of flavors. No one likes boring.

Apple Sticks 🍎🍏

Apple sticks are fun and delicious. Shorter apple sticks are great for guinea pigs that love to toss, while longer apple sticks are a fun way to get your guinea to channel his or her natural instincts. Instead of just throwing them in the pen, string these longer sticks through the bars in your friend’s cage at their height so they can chew and pull on them. This feels like the bark they might find in nature and provides entertainment and even teeth cleaning.


Pinecones might seem like a boring toy, but guinea pigs really ❤️ them! They keep your pig busy by rolling around in the cage, and much like apple sticks, they help clean your guinea pig’s teeth. Our totally natural pinecones are free of pesticides and chemicals and are 100% safe.

pinecone Guinea Pig toy

Play Tables

Make your fuzzy feel more guinea pig-y with this guinea pig toy. Play table​s combine a little bit of everything, with platforms they can jump on, rope on the bottom as a digging box, side mobiles, hanging toys, and more.

Sea Grass Twists

Sea grass twists are a toy, but they also serve a purpose. Need to distract your pig while you trim their nails, clean their cage, or groom them? Sea grass twists are the perfect choice. They provide longer distraction and fun, and they’re oh-so-tasty.

Guinea Pig opening present

Okra Pods

Yes, these okra pods are the same that humans eat. Okra isn’t too hard or too soft, and it’s the perfect treat to chew. Okra pods often come with seeds, but not to worry. The seeds in okra pods are low in oils and aren’t harmful to your animal. If you feel more comfortable removing them, simply crack open the okra pod and dump them out. Voila! The shell by itself is still an entertaining guinea pig toy.

Willow Bundles

Willow bundles have more than one stage that your guinea pig can play with. First, your little muncher will probably be interested in tearing the thing apart. They’ll pull at the strings and chew at the sticks. When you have separate sticks, weave them through the bars of your guinea pig’s cage to offer a chewing and pulling game. 

Why are willow bundles so great? ⬇️

Miscellaneous Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea pigs love new things in their environment so it’s impossible to list all guinea pig toys. The ones shared here are some all-time favorites, but your cavy might also like:

  • Hay balls (no plastic please)
  • Hay chew rings
  • All-natural loofahs

We put as much thought into how we make our toys as what we feed our friends because toys do have nutritional value, as well. Not only should your piggy eat healthy, but they should play healthy, too.

Why Natural Matters

By now, you know the importance of choosing healthy guinea pig food and all-natural toys, but choosing the right things for our littles goes way beyond that. Pet owners also need to consider:

  • Guinea Pig Bedding. Guinea pigs should sleep on all-natural bedding made out of paper, hay, aspen shavings, or pine pellets. They should never have cedar or pine shavings, as these can be irritating to your piggies. Also make sure to avoid corn-based bedding, as it’s more prone to mold. Gross. Your guinea pig’s bedding should be soft and luxurious, just like yours.
  • Herbs. Guinea pigs and other small animals ❤️ herbal blends. These sweet treats are like a superfood and contain vitamins, minerals, and more. Look for blends that are made from whole foods and that don’t contain any chemicals or pesticides.
  • Remedies and Supplements. Unfortunately, sometimes our little darlings run into some issues and need extra TLC. This can include nutrients to kick-start their digestive tract, sprays to prevent mites or fleas, and general nutritional support. Too many of these products are full of icky ingredients, but it is possible to find natural options. Your guinea pig will thank you.

This holiday season, give your cavy the best life (this means guinea pig Christmas presents should be included).

 Not only will they love some all-natural toys as a fun treat, but they deserve them. Remember, guinea pig toys are a necessity and offer fun ways for your friend to act on their instincts. Give them things to pull, chew, toss, and jump on and you’ll have one happy guinea pig. And that makes our wheek.

Guinea Pig under Christmas tree

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