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Did You Know Chinchillas Are Neat Freaks? Keep Their Cage Clean with These Chinchilla Supplies

Clean Chinchillas

Chinchillas make such great pets. They each have their own unique, quirky personalities. Some are goofballs, some are shy, and some just want to cuddle. But no matter what personality style your chin has, one thing remains the same: chinchillas love a clean, comfortable cage. So knowing which chinchilla supplies you'll need to keep them happy and healthy is an absolute must. 

Chinchillas can live 20+ years… crazy, right? So, we definitely want to make sure their habitat is a wonderful place where they enjoy spending time. Some people consider chinchillas neat freaks, so make sure you keep their cage organized, clean, and full of delicious goodies. Why do chinchillas need a tidy cage and some supplies to make up their dream home?

Why You Need to Keep Your Chinchilla’s Cage Neat

Chinchillas are clean. Super clean. And they enjoy cleaning themselves and their habitat. Too much dirt, clutter, or debris has the possibility of causing serious stress. Dust baths are a chinchilla’s paradise because they help naturally clean off skin oils and dirt. (Never water. Never ever.) But remember, too many dust baths can dry out the skin, so make sure you don’t go overboard.

Even though your chin loves cleaning his or herself, you still need to help them out with a tidy cage. Let’s look at some chinchilla supplies to help keep everything spick and span.

The Chinchilla Supplies You Need for a Cozy Cage

Setting up your chinchilla’s cage is super important because, well… they’re gonna live there. Chinchillas love a cozy place to curl up for the day at the end of a long night. Choosing the right size cage, bedding, food, and toys will all help your little have the best place to call home.

Size Matters

When considering what size chinchilla cage to buy, go with “the bigger, the better.” They love to jump around. Lots of fun ledges and hammocks too, please. Never buy a plastic or wooden cage; your chin will probably chew it up. Plus, we don’t want toxic chemicals, either.

Instead, look for a sturdy metal cage that those sharp little chin teeth can’t chew to pieces. Stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, and gold or silver-plated cages are best; they don’t have any of the dangerous toxic materials that some brass, copper, and zinc cages might. Also, make sure your chinchilla cage has a solid bottom. Chins should never be kept in cages with wire bottoms because they can hurt their little feet. And standing on them for long periods of time can cause bumblefoot, a painful condition which will require an exotic vet to treat, and sometimes requires surgery to remove the damaged skin and infection underneath.

Chinchilla Bedding

You know the feeling of crawling into a clean, soft bed at the end of the day? Yeah, chins love that feeling, too. Buying premium chinchilla bedding will make your fuzzy feel super cozy and right at home. When choosing your chinchilla’s bedding, avoid cedar or undried pine because these types of bedding can cause liver problems and respiratory illness. Instead, choose a super soft paper bedding or aspen shavings.

Chinchilla Toys

Chins love to run, jump, and play. These super active little gymnasts love toys to keep them entertained and mobiles, chews, rings, and sticks are all delicious, natural choices. And did we mention that chins LOVE to chew? Chewing is the name of the game when choosing fun, interesting toys. Our Wonderland Play Table is a great choice because it offers multiple levels of engaging toys and chews, including birchwood legs and two different types of hay chews.

Some chin parents share that their little friends are such neat freaks that they actually organize their toys and put them in designated places. Other chins are a little messier and might throw their toys this way and that. But that’s okay, too. We love ‘em all. Either way, toys are a fun and healthy way to add natural enrichment to your chinchilla’s cage.

Chinchilla Food

When building out your chinchilla cage, you can’t forget the delicious goodies. Chinchillas eat lots and lots of hay, so make sure to stock their home with delicious picks like Timothy or alfalfa. Some chins may even love a hay manger... they help keep the cage super tidy. You can also feed your little buddy pelleted food and plenty of snacks and treats. To help keep your cute neat freak happy, make sure to use high quality food bowls to keep everything organized. Chinchillas are foraging animals, so they may find a new place for their food, but bowls keep things clean (well, sometimes). Food and snacks are just some of the chinchilla supplies your little friend will need.

Cleaning Your Chinchilla’s Cage

Speaking of clean… cleaning your chinchilla’s cage is super important to keep your friend happy and healthy. You should clean the cage daily, weekly, and monthly. Here’s what each cleaning should include:

  • Daily cleaning - Every day, replace your chinchilla’s water so that it’s so fresh and so clean. Give new hay and pellets and make sure they have plenty of nice goodies to chomp on.
  • Weekly cleaning - Every week, do a more thorough cleaning of your chinchilla’s cage. Throw away waste in the litter tray, sterilize it, and reline. You should also completely clean your chin’s water bottle to prevent algae from forming.
  • Monthly cleaning - Every month, do a deep cage clean for your chin. Take all of his or her supplies out and go to town. Wash all toys and the cage itself and make sure everything is sparkly.

A clean cage means fewer germs and less harmful stuff for your little one. Chinchillas are known for their tidy nature, so help them out with organization, too.

By choosing the right chinchilla supplies, you can help your little one stay clean… because that’s the way (uh huh, uh huh) they like it. Create a happy, healthy home by giving them plenty of space to jump around, nice, soft bedding, delicious and healthy food, and lots of fun toys. They’re gonna love ya.

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