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DIY rabbit toys

diy rabbit toys

Got some time to do something sweet for your rabbit? Here are some Small Pet Select approved DIY rabbit toys that everybun will enjoy!  

DIY Rabbit Toy #1: PINECONES


You don’t even need to do anything with pinecones. They're awesome all by themselves. But if you want to be extra nice to your rabbit, you can stick some herbs or flowers down there in all those little nooks and crannies.

You can tie pinecones together with un-dyed sisal or hemp twine, or even attach a pinecone to the ex-pen with some of that twine, and now you’ve got a pull toy!  (Rabbits love that resistance; it 's like chewing on a limb. Great for teeth.


Your rabbit can dig, toss, and chew up these easy toys. Just use unbleached natural lunch bags and some of that twine we keep mentioning, stuff with hay, herbs, flowers, fruit tree sticks, okra pods… there are a million possibilities.


This is such a creative idea from Pikadilly Charm. Just adorable, and super fast, too.

DIY rabbit toy, rabbit toys

If you've got a great toy idea, shout it out! Because there really aren't ever enough toys.

Just ask your rabbit.

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