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Five Best Chinchilla Videos on YouTube

Top 5 chin youtube vidoes

So, initially, I'd started writing this as a "top three" chinchilla videos blog. But, after I began watching chinchilla videos on YouTube, I had to up it to five, and even that was a humungous challenge. I think I’ve spent the last two days non-stop watching chinchilla videos. And… BEST. TIME. SPENT. EVER.

And what better a time for awesome chinchilla videos to make their way to you. After all, it is an M-ugh-day. But these are sure to turn your M-ugh-day into a Mon-yay!

Number 5

Okay, I won't judge you if you pause at 1:10 on this video and just replay it over and over and over. I mean, look at those sweet chins. And what lovely lullaby music playing in the background. And those little ears. And noses. And whiskers. Cuteness overload for sure.

Number 4

When does the next season of America's Got Talent start? Move over cats and dogs; we've got chins in the house! P.S. I wonder what they'd do with the million dollars if they won. Fidget sticks for days?

Number 3

Seriously. That’s all I can say.

We're all ears graphic

Number 2

Whoever chose the background music for this video is a genius. It's perfect. Like, "I'm a chinchilla, and I'm going to conquer this dust bath. Dust bath victory is mine!" Oh, and the slow-motion is so fantastic. And yes, you did just spend four minutes of your life watching a compilation of chinchilla dust baths. And it was the best four minutes of your life. And you're probably gonna do it again.

Number 1

I'm not sure if this is my absolute favorite because I can't stop laughing or because I totally relate to mama chin. It looks like she needs a little pick me up. It's alright, girl, it will be over soon enough. Just throw whatever the kids want in the cart, go home and relax.

Aren’t these the best chinchilla videos on YouTube? You’re bound to have a good day now. Well, after your coffee. Happy Monday, y’all!

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