Guinea Pig Treats

healthy guinea pig treats

Healthy Treats for a Healthy Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs sure do love their Guinea Pig treats, don’t they! And we just love to give them. But it can be seriously detrimental to give guinea pigs treats that are high in sugar, fat or protein.  We have literally received thousands of posts and emails from Guinea Pig owners who were excited about giving their Guinea Pig treats and then they have problems with the Guinea Pigs health.

Typically the reason is that many commercially sold Guinea Pig treats contain ingredients that simply aren’t good for our piggies– such as nuts and seeds. They might not have an immediate effect on your guinea pig’s health, but can build up over time. Items high in fat and oils that can lead to obesity. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy feeding the right kind of treats to your guinea pigs. Just remember the three vital rules: Keep it Natural; Keep it Fibrous; Keep it Minimal.

Guinea Pig Treats such as vegetables and fruits (in moderation) are great, and you can also consider treats such as woven grass balls stuffed with timothy, sea grass mats, and a small serving of alfalfa hay on occasion. These kinds of treats are not only yummy for your piggy, but also provide them with fiber and are a great workout for those ever-growing teeth.  We find that Guinea Pig Timothy Hay Pellets are great treats for them to munch on along with carrots and cucumbers. But again, everything should be in moderation….

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