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These Superfoods are Great for your Rat’s Diet

healthy snacks for rats

If you have rat relatives, they’re probably at the top of your “most important people to me” list. (Yes, I said “most important people” because I consider animals people. As in, they’re just as special and important as humans. Call me weird. Call me coo-coo. Tell me I’m silly. I don’t care.) And if someone’s at the top of your “most important people to me” list, you obviously are gonna want the very best for them. The very best for them includes wanting fitness and good health to be a part of their life. So, let’s talk superfoods that will provide humongous benefits for your rat. They’re perfect for supplementing a regular rat diet. Plus, they’re delicious.

(Before I go further though, note that rat superfoods should be offered in small portions and in moderation. If given too much, stomach problems and ailments (think vitamin overdose) could potentially arise. So be cautious… eating anything in excess is probably not a good idea.)



Can anyone say selenium? That’s right. Selenium reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in your pet. As your rat transitions into their adult/senior life, inflammation is common. And garlic (because of the selenium found in it) helps reduce it. The oxidation benefits are awesome, too; they allow rats to avoid heart stroke and other heart related illnesses.

So two benefits there. But what if I told you there are more? There are. Garlic has anti-viral and anti-bacterial features. That’s a win. Plus, it helps excess calories from becoming fat. Another win. Garlic for the win. The total rat diet win.

Pitted Olives 

Healthy fats? Yes, please. Olives are great for heart health and can help your rat avoid a heart attack and/or stroke. They also have an anti-inflammation effect.

Spinach 🥬

What spinach does for Popeye, it can do for your rats, too. Make ‘em strong. Spinach contains phytochemicals, which help prevent inflammation and different cancers. The best feature of spinach? Vitamin K. Vitamin K is essential for bones of rats (and for humans… so you might munch together for a little extra dose of fun). Need extra bone strength? Hit the spinach aisle. 


Vitamin C? Yes, sir-ee. Cranberries are full of this essential vitamin, and also contain phytonutrients. Great for rats with cancer, but can also be used as a precautionary measure to avoid it. They’re also fab for protection against UTIs.


Need some anti-oxidants in your rat's diet? Blueberries are a great source. They help keep the heart healthy. Also containing phytonutrients, blueberries are beneficial for controlling your rat’s cholesterol levels. Their most important feature, though? Blueberries help limit triglycerides (fats available in blood). A rat needs only a limited amount of triglycerides for good health. Excess triglycerides can potentially cause metabolic syndrome. Not good. 

Also low in sugar, if you’re finding you have a rolly polly rat on your hands, blueberries make a great healthy snack option.

Steamed Broccoli 🥦

Broccoli has really unique features that help with bile excretion. Bile excretion lowers cholesterol in rats. And that’s great! This superfood is also an excellent source of vitamin C and has anti-oxidant properties. Broccoli, anyone?


Raspberries are rad… for good reason. Not only do they contain distinct cancer prevention features, but they also contain anti-oxidant properties. Phytochemicals trigger the killing of cancerous cells in your rat. More life = more happy.

Arugula (Rocket)

Arugula is the total vitamin package to add to your rat's diet: C, K & A. This superfood helps with skin issues, bone problems and cancer. Like most foods on the list, arugula is also a great source of phytochemicals and anti-oxidants. Want more benefits? Arugula contains vitamin B complex which helps metabolic function. Want even more? Arugula helps keep your rat’s weight in-line and helps avoid heart related issues and diabetes. 

Savoy Cabbage

Does your rat need some tooth help? Try savoy cabbage. It’s also a great source of vitamin C. Does your rat have asthma or breathing issues? Again, Savoy cabbage for the win.


Steamed Kale

Kale supports system detox in not only humans, but in rats, too. Crazy, right? Kale contains more than 45 phytochemicals, has features helping to combat cancer, and promotes heart and stomach health. Bring on vitamins A, C and K because kale has ‘em all. 


Watercress is often considered the best anti-cancer superfood because of the high amount of different phytochemicals and quantity of anti-oxidants. Great for asthma and lung issues. Does your rat have blood pressure probs? Turn to watercress. Eyesight probs? Watercress. It’s amazing, really. You’ll see the benefits. And so will your rat.

A rat diet without supplements can end up being nutritionally imbalanced and cause problems for your perfect pets. So if you’re racking your brain for supplement ideas, start with these super superfoods. Happy, healthy, fit rats? That’s what we want.

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