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Best Water Bottles for Rats

best water bottles for rats

Nothing is more frustrating than a leaky water bottle in your little guy’s cage. Really. I mean, it makes the cage disgusting and smelly. And I’m sure the rats hate that mess just as much you hate cleaning it. What’s the best way to fix this? Well, a good water bottle of course. Check out our opinion of the best water bottles for rats on the market. ⬇️⬇️

Choco Nose Drip Water Bottle $10.99
You know when I said above that leaky bottles are frustrating? Well, welcome to being unfrustrated. Thousands of people swear by this bottle, and has been the only one to not soak their cages. It has a user-friendly bracket that makes it super simple to use, and it’s also easy to snap-on-snap-off for cleaning and water refills. Plus, it doesn’t make that annoying little click-click noise constantly. Highly recommend.

choco no drip water bottle
pet rat water bottle

Delight eShop Pet Rat Water Bottle $5.39
This one’s on the smaller side at 350 ml, but it’s the perfect bottle for rats (or any small creature, really). It has a sealing rubber ring to prevent leakage. There’s a spring rope on the bottle, making it easy to attach, and it comes with handy little hangers that never seem to fail. Plus, at just over $5, you can’t really go wrong.

Kordon Oasis Water Bottle $12.43
With a rigid plastic bell bottle and basic holding guard, this bottle is also top-rated. The bottles don’t accessibly drip, and are easy to affix to all kinds of cages. The holder is high quality, and definitely makes water changes much, much easier and more convenient. I also highly recommend this 4 oz. bottle for your rat.

Like with all small (and large) pets… oh, and humans, water is super important and clean water should be accessible at all times. You can use a dish as an option, but they just seem to make things messier, and rats also really seem to love throwing different gross things in there, and dumping them when they please. So, I recommend water bottles, for sure, for your rats. And the ones above are what I’d go with.

Kordon Oasis Water Bottle

Do you have a fav water bottle for your rat or other small animal? Let us know! 🙏🏽 Seriously... we're always looking for great options. These guys thank you: 🐀🐇🐾🐰🐭🐹.

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