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Wanna Make Your Rat Healthier? Here Are 5 Things You Should Do.

healthy habits for your rat

Rats. They make one of the best pets on the entire planet. They’re personable, sweet, astonishingly intelligent and super cute to boot. Unfortunately, when we’re talking life span, they’re not as lucky. Recent studies show that, on average, the life span of a domesticated rat is about 1.8 years. That’s not very long. Check out these SUPER important healthy habits for rats to make sure that our beloved pets are living the happiest life possible in the time we have with them.

Nutritional Food

Always try to buy food from specialized retailers who are experts when it comes to rats… it’s just better this way.

Make sure you’re choosing a formulated food that delivers the right minerals and macro-nutrients. We want their diets to be A+. Science selective rat food is a great option. Recommended by vets, it’s a nutritionally complete and balanced diet that perfectly suits rats to help keep them healthy and well.

And that’s the goal. 

Exercise Playtime

What's one of the most important healthy habits for rats? Playing and socializing! They love it, and it’s super beneficial for their overall health. Try alternating what activities happen during free roam. Create fun games that involve varying degrees of difficulty to complete. Cat platforms for climbing are awesome. Or create your own. The possibilities are literally endless.

When a body (human or animal) gets used to something, it goes into homeostasis, so you need to switch it up. (Kinda like if you’re at the gym working out. You’re not going to see the best results if you keep doing the same thing. Over. And over. And over.) Mix it up. Challenge them. Everyone loves a good challenge. Unless it's a Monday.

Supplement Diet with Veggies 

While the staple diet of a rat should be nutritionally complete food, they also seriously benefit from healthy foods full on anti-oxidants. And there’s no better option than fruits and veggies. What are some of the best choices? Check out this superfood list for rats.

Buy a Bigger Cage

More room never hurt anyone. Am I right?! In the wild, rats have HUGE territories where they can roam. And more space = happier rat. Rats are highly social creatures, and there are multiple studies showing that depression can set in if their living quarters are too small, or if they’re not being mentally stimulated on a regular basis.

And because depression is linked to disease and health issues, keeping your rat happy means keeping him healthy. So start by giving them an epic home. 

Avoid Common Mistakes

Common mistakes are, well, common. And one of the quickest ways for a rat’s health to suffer is by falling for them. Check out 11 Common Rat Care Mistakes To Avoid. Avoiding these will certainly help you on your journey to providing a happy, healthy life for your rat. Even if it’s only 2(ish) years.

We all make mistakes. But doing these five things will differentiate between healthy rats and unhealthy ones. Whether you're a newbie rat owner or extra experienced, following these rules will help with health.  And healthy rats = happy rats. And happy rats = happy you.

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