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Housing for gerbils: what do they need?

Gerbils are adorable tiny furballs, weighing two ounces/57 grams and measuring 4-5 inches/10-12 centimeters long. Those measurements make most people think they don’t need a large habitat. Guess what? We did the research on housing for gerbils for you…keep reading to find out the dimensions and details.

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Simulate their natural habitat

Known for their burrowing skills, gerbils are found on many continents in dry grasslands or steppes. While you don’t have to turn an entire room in your house into a Smithsonian Museum-level habitat, construct a safe place for them with lots of digging and burrowing material (minimum 5-6 inches/12-15 centimeters deep). We can help you provide that with the following bedding choices:

Additionally, any housing for gerbils should have a secure, ventilated wire lid.

Gerbils need ample space that’s easy to clean

As social animals, unlike their hamster cousins, it’s crucial to have a pair of gerbils in each habitat. You’re probably thinking, well, two tiny rodents still don't need a lot of space. As gerbils get their exercise from digging and creating tunnels, housing for gerbils should not have wire side walls as the bedding material will get kicked out. As stellar jumpers, gerbils also need a tall enclosure. While there’s a lot of debate between animal welfare agencies regarding how much space gerbils need, Small Pet Select recommends at least a 20-gallon aquarium (24" x 12" x 16" or 61 cm x 30 cm x 41 cm ) for a pair of gerbils. Finally, clean your gerbilarium thoroughly and replace all the bedding at least every two weeks, if not more frequently. 

Two gray gerbils

Other considerations

When setting up your housing for gerbils, consider a few more things:

  1. Make sure your gerbil habitat is in a quiet, climate-controlled location. Gerbils are nocturnal. Therefore choose a spot where you won’t disturb them during the day, and they won't disturb your sleep at night.
  2. Make sure your housing for gerbils is chew-proof. Like most rodents, gerbils have very sharp teeth. Therefore, wood or plastic are not recommended materials for gerbil habitats.
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