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How expensive are chinchillas to keep?

When researching rescuing an adorable fur, scaly, or feather baby, it's essential to know how much the adoption fee is and what supplies you'll need from day 1. First, however, you should calculate your monthly recurring costs, too. Then, you’ll know if there’s room in your budget for a pet. Therefore, today, we’re going to help you decide how expensive are chinchillas to keep.

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Different Budgets for Different Folks

Team Small Pet Select realizes that we have valued customers all over the globe. What may be a small expense for you can be unattainable for someone else. We enjoy empowering our customers with information, just as we love packing farm-fresh essentials to ship out to you. If you’re not sure what or how much to buy or need cost-effective recommendations, email, chat, or call our helpful Customer Service Team. Check out the screenshot below for all the ways to contact Small Pet Select Customer Service.

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Medical Care

We wish you and your new chin addition a long and hoppy life of companionship. First, however, select a trusted exotic veterinarian and schedule a wellness exam appointment BEFORE you bring chinny home. While we know the rescue or humane society you adopted your chinchilla from examined them, it’s helpful for your vet to get a baseline. They can also advise you what to do when ms. Chin isn’t feeling well. If you need help finding a vet, check out our helpful blog.

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New Pawrent Checklist

The rescue you’re adopting from should give you a new pawrent checklist once you're approved to adopt. Then, you’ll have everything you need when you bring a chinny or two home. It’s always good to do additional research, though. For example, using your search engine, look up "new chinchilla owner checklist." While I am not a fan of the word "owner," using that term will get you the best results. Having several supply lists will also help you figure out how expensive chinchillas are to keep.

Small Pet Select’s Chinchilla Product Line

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know Small Pet Select sells lots of chinchilla-specific items. However, with five chin sub-categories, you’ll be able to put a big dent in that initial supply purchase and your monthly recurring purchases.

Additionally, with our Auto-Ship and Save Program, you’ll be able to have your chinny’s supplies sent on a schedule you set and at a discount. That way, you and your chin will have more playtime. 

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We hope you found our advice on how expensive are chinchillas to keep helpful. If you’ve got feedback or a recommendation on a blog we should write, please email us or comment on our socials. When you do, don’t forget to share pictures of your sweet feather, fur, or scaly babies too! 

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