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10 Things I’ve learned from my rabbit.

what you can learn from your rabbit
10 things I learned from my rabbit

Even little beings can teach us big lessons.

It was hard to narrow down to the Top 10 Things, but here we go.


napping rabbits

1. Napping is good.  Always, anywhere.

good fences make good nieghbors

2. Respect boundaries.

snuggle bunnies

3. When you find that someone special, spend time together and cuddle every chance you get.

rabbits need fresh food

4. Taking care of yourself is not a luxury.  Eat fresh, eat healthy.

kicked-back rabbit

5. No matter how busy you are, take time to kick back.

rabbit family

6. Family is important. Rely on them.

odd rabbit couple

7. Size, shape, color...appearance has nothing to do with love.

happy bunny

8. We can all choose to be happy on any given day.

rabbit at the fridge

9. You never know when an opportunity will present itself.  Take advantage of the doors that open to you.

grey mouse

10. No matter how small and vulnerable you feel, someone out there looks up to you.

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