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Belinda Says Hay: “My Ideas for New Healthy Snackers”

Belinda Says Hay: My Ideas for New Healthy Snackers

Hello. It’s Belinda.


First things first. Some of you may be wondering about that healthy snacker that slid under the dryer.

It’s still there. I tried to reach under and pull it out but I accidentally bumped it. Can’t even see it now so “stay tuned.” Looks like I have a summer project, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of healthy snackers, I worked on new flavors all week. On my own initiative.

The way I look at it, why wait for a holiday? Everyone likes snackers so why not “shake things up.”

I had a pile of other assignments. Hay reports and such. But I just couldn’t get moving on any of them, to be honest.

And as far as I’m concerned, the hay reports can wait. One thing I have learned on this job is you have to “strike when the iron is hot,” as Dale Carnegie says. As he should know from running steel mills.

I would open the spreadsheet and two minutes later I was asking my boyfriend’s companion what she thinks about my new snacker combos. It might sound like gossip but it’s not. It’s market research.

On that note, I have to ask a big favor.

I have not told my agent about any of this. Every time I come up with ideas for new products, she tells me they are “not practical.”

But that was the old Belinda. This time I plan to have market research to back me up.

So if you have a minute, let me know what you think of these:

Mmm Mmm Mint Healthy Snackers

Ingredients: Mint, ground timothy hay pellets, oats, and 6-10 different fruits and berries (whatever you have in the fridge)

Excuse-Me-Endive Treats

Ingredients: Same as Mmm Mmm Mint but add endive lettuce.

Half-Nap Snackers

Ingredients: Everything that was in the Leprechaun Edition (cilantro pear) but with a new label.

Willow Wow Wow Micro-Cookies

How many mini-snackers equals one treat? It’s a mystery in my opinion. And these micro-cookies “take it up a notch” with the addition of tasty willow leaves.

I have a few more product ideas but they are too rough to show.

For now, if you could give me some feedback on Mmm Mmm Mint Healthy Snackers, Excuse-Me-Endive Treats, Half-Nap Snackers and Willow Wow Wow Micro-Cookies, that would help me a lot.

You can find me over on the company Facebook page

Thank you.



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