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Plantain: forage that helps digestion

plantain single forage

Looking for even more ways to add to the richness of your rabbit's, guinea pig's, or other small animal's diet? Plantain is a huge favorite with the little animals. Plantain forage is a tasty and healthy choice. It not only adds variety and interest, but goes one more step and supports the mucous membranes.

Healthy mucous membranes mean healthier digestive and respiratory systems… two areas where problems often crop up in our little friends.

Plantain is also an anti-microbial, and an anti-spasmodic, so that digestive system gets yet more support. It has good fiber content, helps with respiratory health, soothes the urinary tract and helps prevent UTIs. It's a seriously great health maintenance herb to include as a forage snack.

Plantain forage is so safe it can be fed every single day without any problem. In dried form, it's so easy to keep on hand while keeping all its fantastic properties.  We’ve got some really nice organic plantain, all ready for forage joy. Have fun!

plantain forage
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