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Preserving chicken eggs: 5 different ways

Does anyone remember the 1978 “The Incredible Edible Egg” advertisement from the American Egg Board? I do. I’ve eaten eggs my whole life several times a week. In fact, we boiled some this morning for egg salad sandwiches. But, while hardboiled eggs preserve them for a short time, did you know there are other ways? Check out our recommendations for preserving chicken eggs below.

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This is one of the easiest ways for you to start preserving chicken eggs. According to the American Egg Board, you can safely store hardboiled eggs in their shell for a week in the frig. Never hardboiled an egg? Here’s how. I like my yolks firm, so I boil them for 20 minutes. My hubby prefers the time recommended in the link. Because he’s pawsome, he boils his for 10 minutes and mine for 20.


Pickled eggs are great for longer-term preservation, and unlike in Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, they’re not green! According to my friend Andrea in Canada, this is her family’s fave way to eat eggs. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to pickle eggs, so here's a recipe for you.

Chicken and fresh eggs in a basket


I was egg-cited to learn freezing eggs is simple. All you need to do is have a silicone ice tray and crack 2 raw, lightly scrambled eggs per section. Cover the tray with parchment paper or foil and freeze. Once the eggs are frozen, you can pop them out of the ice tray and put them in freezer-safe storage. When ready to use, keep them in their storage container and thaw in the frig or in a bowl of room-temperature water.


This is another easy technique for preserving chicken eggs. You’ll need a muffin tin and your oven for 30 minutes of baking at 350 degrees. According to, you can crack 1 egg in each muffin tin spot. If you prefer the yolk intact, leave them this way or scramble with a fork after the egg is in the muffin tin. Then store them the same way as freezing eggs.

Coating in Mineral Oil

Our last easy method for preserving chicken eggs is to coat fresh eggs in food-grade mineral oil. Learn more about this method here.

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If you’re lucky enough to have backyard chickens, you have an abundance of eggs. Let us know if you enjoyed our recommendations, or share your favorite way to preserve chicken eggs. Please email us or comment on our socials. Thanks, as always, for reading!!

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