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Simple Ways to Save Money on Pet Care Costs

ways to save money on animal care

One of the things we ❤️ the most about our customers is that you consider your animals family members. When they’re family, you do anything for them. But, just like two-legged children, they’re expensive. (💰 💵 💸). While you can’t put a price on how much love animals add to your life, it’s always smart to cut corners where you can. That’s why we wanted to share some simple ways to save money on pet care costs.

Is There Enough Money in Your Piggy Bank?

This goes without saying, but before you decide to bring a new baby home, you’ll want to check your budget. Animal care isn’t about food and a crate. In addition to medical care, it can mean installing fencing, grooming, training, and sitters for when you travel or for mid-day walks. Also, the older they get, the costs increase. From veterinary care, medication, and supplements. Before making a lifelong commitment, consider the time and financial tax to ensure you won’t have to rehome them.

Here are some other ideas to save money on pet care costs so you can keep spoiling them.

Repurpose Animal Care Items

As a pawrent my entire adult life, I never get rid of any bed, crate, bowl, etc... unless it's worn out. Nobunny's (see what I did there?) minded using some pre-loved accessories and I've been able to help out friends and family in a pinch. However, if you're a new parent, or adding a new species, check out NextDoor or Facebook for people selling used animal supplies in good condition. Of course, when purchasing from people you don't know, make sure to meet in a safe location. Another option is to contact your local rescue as one of their other supporters may have items you can use.

Establish a Relationship With Your Vet

Finding a vet you can trust is priceless. You expect the same level of care for your animal as you do yourself. While we will pay whatever it takes to make our kids feel better, having a trusting and communicative relationship with our veterinarians adds an extra level of security. When you meet your vet for the first time, ask them how they prefer to handle acute and emergency situations. Additionally, ask if you can call when you have concerns versus making an appointment every time there’s an issue. If you’re able to save money and time on an office call, yet make your animal feel better, then everyone wins!

Cat and Dog with Veterinarian

Schedule Annual Physicals and Keep Vaccinations Current

There's the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure." It's true. All species require annual wellness checks, with some requiring them several times a year. While you can’t prevent everything from happening, wellness checks can catch problems before they become emergencies. Veterinary clinics are also fantastic at making sure your animal's physicals are current, too. Protecting them from preventable diseases saves you money as these conditions are costly to treat and are simple ways to save money on pet care costs.

Groom at Home

Depending on your species, grooming ranges from nail trims to hare (sorry 😉 ) cuts. If I’m honest, I got a little anxiety inside when my in-laws told me their vet wanted $30 per dog to cut their nails. Not everyone is comfortable trimming nails or bathing their animals. Still, most veterinary clinics and rescues are happy to train pawrents on all the care their babies need. While fur grooming is a bit more complicated, you can learn anything on YouTube, and a decent set of clippers is $25. It's nice being able to drop off your animal at the groomers but being available and knowledgeable to give them a trim is very useful and cost-effective. It's bonding, right?

Cat getting nail trim

Purchase Routine Medications Online

You may know this already, but similar to hoomans, many medications are cheaper online. If your sweeties are on medication for an extended period, it's effortless for the online pharmacy to contact your vet for the prescription.

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Exercise With Your Pets

Again, we may be telling you something you know already. Animals benefit from exercise, just like hoomans... to maintain flexibility and a healthy weight. Walking your dog or playing with kitty is another way to bond with your furbaby and keep both of you fit at the same time. If you’re not currently doing this, no better time to start than the present!

Lady running with her dog

Create a Pet Budget and Savings Account

Many people have pet health insurance. Depending on how many animals you have, pet health insurance may not be cost-effective. We have two suggestions for ways to help pay for pet care. First, create a budget and track what you spend on them. If you need to tighten your belt, it'll be easy to see what you can cut. Second, deposit what you would pay for animal health insurance into a savings account. Creating a nice nest egg for emergencies will relieve stress when your baby needs expensive care.

We hope you found our suggestions for simple ways to save money on pet care costs. Do you have more ideas to save money on pets? Comment on our socials or email

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