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23 Times Buying Pet Supplies Online Is Totally Worth It.

reasons to shop online for pet supplies

23 Times Buying Pet Supplies Online is Totally Worth It

As you know, life gets super hectic. And when you have small pets, it’s even more hectic. We can probably all remember being in a pinch and needing to run to the nearest pet store chain and grab some quick hold-me-over supplies. Get it. Life happens. But, if you haven’t, try looking beyond big-box pet stores. Products are very often not nutritious, and can be unsafe for small animals. In many cases, ordering pet supplies online offers some amazing perks: buying safer and higher quality products PLUS the convenience of delivery, straight to your doorstep. I mean, if I don’t have to get out of my PJs and save a little gas, I’m in. Am I right?


Let’s face it. Online shopping isn’t going away. But as a small pet parent, this is really a win-win. And here are 23 reasons why.

#1. The High-Rise Headache: 
Picture this: you’re a small animal parent and you want to purchase the hay and bedding you need, but unfortunately, you live in the heart of a city. (And on the 5th floor of an apartment building. And there’s no elevator. And it’s summer. And there’s no air conditioning.) Well, shoot. That stuff is H-E-A-V-Y. Order pet supplies online, and products will show up right at your doorstep. Hello? Winning?

#2. Your Big Eater: 
Benny the two eyed, two eared, binkying white hay eater is going through his stash like there’s no tomorrow. You can’t run out; his life depends on it. Sign up for our subscribe and save option, and you’ll ALWAYS be ready to fill that tummy.

#3. Something’s Fishy:
Your local big-box pet store’s hay, treats and toys look, just, off. Suspicious. Dangerous, even. Order pet supplies online with Small Pet Select and we double promise that your small pet will appreciate you. Even more than before… if that’s possible. Oh P.S. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee comes with a 100% extra cuddle guarantee.

#4. First Time Parent Stressors:
First time small pet parent? Hey, we’ve got you. Our starter packs come with hay, food and bedding. The best part? You don’t even have to wonder what your small animal needs. We do the work for you.

#5. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, It’s YOURS!
Need your small pet supplies in a jiffy? We process all orders at lightening speed (I’m talking faster than Flash Gordon speed, here). Our average delivery time is 1.9 days. Whaaaa? Less than two days to get the freshest and best pet supplies online… delivered to your doorstep.

#6. Free Ship Makes Bunny Hearts Flip: 
Oh yeah, and speaking of delivery times, all orders over $40 are shipped FREE, so save the money you’d spend on gas driving to and from your local pet store by ordering your pet supplies online.

#7. We Take the Guessing out of Shopping:
Hate wasting time? Tell us about it. With ordering pet supplies online, you’ll always get real-time website updates on product availability. No more guessing “I wonder if my store will have that?” We know your time is money, bunny.

#8. Show us the Savings:
If you’re a sucker for savings (let’s be real… who isn’t?), purchase a Small Pet Select bundle. They have everything. Hay, pellets, bedding. These deals will keep your pantry stocked.

#9. Rewarded for Shopping? We’ll Take It!
Love getting rewarded for buying your fav products and sharing that experience online? Join our rewards program and save. BIG TIME. Just create an account on our website, purchase your pet supplies online, share on social, and earn those points. Redeem points at checkout for a discount on your order. Easy-peasy-one-two-threesy.

#10. Always Fresh and Fragrant:
Would YOU want to eat something that’s stale and suffocating in a plastic bag? Me either. When you purchase our small animal hay, it’ll never ever come in a yucky plastic bag. Instead, your fresh, hand-picked hay will always arrive in a breathable box. Breathable is better, wouldn’t you agree?

#11. We’re Always Searching for the World’s Best Hay:
Did you know that hay is one of the most important parts of a small animal’s diet? Well, it is! Small Pet Select takes the time to source farms with the very best crops. And we don’t limit ourselves (or your animals) to any one area, farm, broker, or large hay exporter. We’re cray-cray about our hay-hay and we just won’t settle for any less than the very best. 

#12. What’s Your Type?
It’s pretty common for big-box pet stores to only carry one type of hay. (Maybe two. If you’re lucky.) But small animal hay isn’t one-size-fits-all. Every animal has different dietary needs, and ALL small animals rely on hay to wear down their teeth, so different cuts are absolutely necessary. When buying pet supplies online at Small Pet Select you’ll find alfalfa, orchard, oat, gourmet, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd cutting Timothy hay. Wowza! Get them the type o​​f hay they need.

 #13. Hay So Good the Hoomans Are Jealous: 
Not to toot our own horn... (Okay, maybe, but just because it makes us so proud.) But it’s basically a proven fact: small animals PREFER to eat our delicious hay because it smells and tastes better. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our awesome customer reviews. 

#14. Don’t Just Give Them Any Old Pellets:
Okay, okay. Your small animal really digs those pellets. Timothy-based pellets are best for rabbits and guinea pigs. But rabbit pellets and piggy pellets can’t be the same! Cavies need stabilized vitamin C. Avoid funky, junky pet store pellets at all costs; they can cause obesity and they’re a super choking hazard.

#15. Flower Power: I don’t know about you, but I have zero green thumb. If we’re in the same boat, but want to offer your pet some flowery, herbal goodness, try our herbal blends for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and mice. You’ll satisfy your small animal’s need to forage, while giving them a tasty treat. (Bonus? It’s packed with good stuff.)

Oh… and did you know we even have blends that encourage relaxation and immunity boosting? So awesome. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

#16. A Little Something Extra Yummy: 
If your little one has the nom noms (when do they not, right?), choose our all natural healthy snackers. Free of harmful preservatives, scents, and other yucky toxins. Can we get a hoo-ha? 

#17. CAUTION! Cage Considerations:
Ya’ll. Let’s make sure our small animal cages are big enough for our kids. We carry exercise pens, recovery cages, hamster/gerbil cages, and loads and loads of accessories to add interactive fun to your small animal’s habitat. 

#18. A Taste of Nature:
But what’s a habitat with no chews? I mean, would you want to live in a house with nothing to do? Count me way out. Caution: do not go to a big-box pet store in search of these. Lots are made with synthetic dyes and unsafe materials. When buying your pet supplies online, add some of our chews. And let’s get real here… they’re about as close to how nature intended them to be as possible. You can thank us later.

#19. For Our Lumber Lovin’ Buddies:
Can you say frustrating? No one met our standards for the best wood products around town. So, we made our very own. (We’re creative like that.)

Castles, ramps, hay feeders, mangers, digging platforms. You name it, we’ve probably got it. Using only kiln-dried pine an USDA food-grade glue, we pay attention to every detail.

No little legs and paws getting stuck in these! 

#20. Cruelty Free Is the ONLY Way to Be:
Did we mention we’re 100% cruelty free? We’re totally invested in all small pet parents finding the best pet supplies online, whether they’re our own or not.

#21. Go Big or Go Home:
100% satisfaction guarantee. Yes. That’s right. If you or your animal aren’t dooking in delight over our products, we’ll send you a replacement product or give you store credit. No questions asked. Oh, and our customer service team kinda rocks. Like, “Can I call you up just to chat?” rocks.

#22. You’ve Got a Friend:
Get outta here, 9-5. That’s not us. Small animals are our passion and we work around the clock for our customers. The people behind the scenes are real, experienced, small animal parents. When you buy your pet supplies online at Small Pet Select, we support you on the journey of raising some of the most awesome creatures around. You’re a name, NOT a number.

#23. Free Tips and Tricks:
We’ll always here as a source of advice on all things small animals, even if you didn’t purchase your pet supplies online with us. Kinda cool, huh? We post videos and information on our website that cover topics from how to litter train a rabbit to boredom busters for chickens. Oh, and sign up for Belinda e-mails. She’s our very outspoken spokesrabbit. And finally had her new "Belinda's Blend" approved by her agent.

Buying Pet Supplies Online Offers More Choices and Convenience

So, 23 reasons buying pet supplies online is totally worth it. Agree? (If you don’t, well… I can’t help you. Kidding. Kind of?) Anyway, we really just want to remind you that big-box pet stores don’t always have what small animals need. And many a time the products they offer are not nutritious and unsafe. Do your BFF a huge favor and shop pet supplies online.

Shop our entire collection of quality pet supplies for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice, ferrets, and rats.
And if you have any questions. Give us a shout. No, we’re serious. You can call any time.

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