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How small animals are meant to eat!

how small animals are supposed to eat

Small animals are foragers.  They seek out a bit here, a bit there, and eat a variety of what is around them.  They eat flowers, and shoots, and leaves, and bark, and lots of leaves.  Our domestic animal’s diets don’t have this variety.  Not only is that boring, but it also means a lack of broad spectrum nutrition.  Think of it this way: if you had the same exact meal every single time you ate, even if it was a healthy meal, you would not get everything you needed.  Eventually you’d have some problems.  Well the same thing is true for our animal companions.  Variety is the key to getting all the necessary components of good nutrition.  Good hay is the keystone of the diet, and adding particular plants supports a whole new level of health.

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Besides, eating flowers is fun!

We’ve been busy creating our very own house recipes, sourcing them carefully, and packing up small batches of herbs and flowers just for your small animals.  We want your companions to have everything they need - all the fiber and vitamins and minerals and enzymes and micronutrients.  We want them to have those things in a way that they can best digest.  And we want everything to be safe.  That is why we chose organic and wildcrafted ingredients, and paid attention to countries of origin.


You can now order Small Pet Select Herbal Mixes from our online store right here, along with great quality fresh hay, pellets, toys, bedding.  It all comes right to your house in 2 business days.

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