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Belinda Says Hay: “Smells in the House”

Belinda Says Hay: Smells in the House

Hello. It’s Belinda.

Thanks to everyone who shared my blog last week about how to keep your rabbit safe in hot weather. And for leaving messages in the comment box.

This weather is nonsense, in my opinion.

I’m writing this at my agent’s house. My boyfriend’s companion and I are “bunking” here for a few days.

All because it smells bad at home. You won’t believe what happened.

It started last Sunday, after the heatwave ended. Rain, and then more rain.

That evening, when my roommate brought our dinner salads downstairs, she opened the door to the backyard. So we could look outside at the storm and feel the breeze.

Hard to see anything, to tell you the truth. But it was too loud, like that time there were coins in the dryer.

My roommate didn’t seem to mind at all.

“Whoo! Looks like we’re inside a car wash, bunnies!”

She closed the door after a bit but the floor was already wet from rain blowing through the screen. Which is irresponsible.

I ate most of my salad and nodded off. About an hour later, I woke to my boyfriend’s companion yelling.

“Hey! Hey!”

I opened my eyes and saw movement across the way, on the floor. A parsley leaf sailed toward the steps.

Then another. Floating on water that had leaked through the wall. Water flowing under the steps.

Under the steps!

I jumped to my feet and ran to my office. But it was too late.

My laptop and business books were fine. I keep them on a shelf.

But my stash was not fine. My stash was ruined.

I ran out of my office and through the puddle and upstairs to the kitchen. I thumped so hard.

My roommate followed me back to the bottom level and for once she did not say a word. Just crouched under the steps and cleaned up the mess.

My boyfriend’s companion and I watched. I stood beside her pen. What else could we do?

After about 15 minutes, my roommate dumped everything into the garbage can. Which is the biggest shame you can imagine.

The good news is she made an “itemized list” of my losses. I think she’s sending it to Josh from the warehouse. I don’t know and to tell you the truth I can’t even think about it.

I didn’t review the list. But I know for a fact I had “squirreled away” the following:

  • Alfalfa hay
  • Oat hay
  • Gourmet hay
  • 1st cut timothy
  • Healthy snackers (Pear blueberry, berry basil, apple banana, flower power)
  • Belinda’s Blend herbal mix (five bags, one opened)
  • Half-napper mini-cookies (three bags, one opened)
  • 10-15 hay cubes
  • Organic apple chews (partially chewed)

I’m sorry to complain but I am getting tired of this weather.

Anyway after my roommate mopped up the floor she told us she wanted to “deep clean” the entire bottom level. With machines and bleach and so forth.

She told us it would “smell terrible from all the cleaners.” Not safe for us to breathe the fumes. 

Plus I wouldn’t be able to work with all the racket.

So that’s why we’re staying in my agent’s guest room. I have most of the space to make myself comfortable but you-know-who is in a pen. Because of her litterbox habits. Speaking of smells.

You might be asking “What about the English?” and I have no idea. None of my business and quite frankly, I’m glad he’s not sharing our room. Too much drama.

We’re staying here so we can “breathe easy.” And that’s exactly what we’re doing.



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