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Storing hay

storing hay

Hay is messy, and takes up space. Where and how we store it can be problematic – we want it out of the way, but we need to get to it several times a day.  

Your hay does best in the dark, where sun can’t damage it.  It also does best in dry places, with lots of ventilation.  That means basements are not a good place to store hay – they are dark, but typically the air flow is next to nothing.  And dampness is usually a problem down there in the cellar. 

How can we store hay so that it isn’t a big eyesore, gets the ventilation it needs, and is convenient?  

Plastic bins are a common way to store hay, but they don’t allow air flow either (plus they are darn ugly). Plastic bins can also off-gas dangerous BPA, phthalates, and other toxins.  There are some plastics that are food-grade, but nothing that is large enough for hay storage.  Think of how sensitive our small friends are to chemicals, and remember they are EATING the hay stored in these plastic bins.  There’s got to be a better answer.

We’ve got some ideas.

Laundry bags and sorters are a fantastic way to keep things tidy and still keep airflow around your hay.  There are some nice looking options out there, and your inner decorator won’t miss those big plastic bins at all.  You can even get sorters with wheels, so you can keep the hay in a dark closet and wheel it right over to the ex-pen without any heavy lifting.  No little bits of hay all over the floor!

There are simple canvas laundry bags available at many restaurant supply places for about $10.  Inexpensive, super useful, easy to carry from closet to pen.  Like this:

hay, timothy hay, orchard hay, orchard grass, alfalfa, alflafa, aflala

Or go crazy with the Restoration Hardware wheeled laundry carts that have a little shelf underneath for other essentials:

pet rabbit, house rabbit, pet guinea pig, guinea pig, cavy

Ikea has a cute little bin with a lid on top that would fit in to any living room or bedroom:

hop, rabbit litter, litter box, rabbit feed, rabbit pellets, guinea pig pellets, guinea pig diet

Let’s get that hay out of the basement, and out of the plastic!

Have you got a great hay storage solution?  Share it with us!

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