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Talking guinea pigs help explain pumpkin

Talking guinea pigs help explain pumpkin
talking guinea pigs discuss pumpkin

We just can't get enough of talking guinea pigs!  These two would be happy, we think, with our new pumpkin treats.  Made by one of the folks at the Missouri House Rabbit Society, these treats are high in fiber and yumminess.  

Pumpkin is a great source of fiber, and soothing for the GI tract.  These snackies also contain timothy, even more fiber!  For our little animals, fiber is all important to keep things moving through the system and to help prevent blockages and stasis.

We've got other flavors too - try them all out!

healthy snacks asked for by talking guinea pigs

One or two of these treats can be given each day, and you can even break them up and hide them to encourage foraging activity and a little exercise!  Or use the little bits as a training reward.

Whatever you do together, have fun, and enjoy!

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