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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Foster Fail? (179)

Abigail at her typewriter

Chapter 179 – Foster Fail?

Enzo’s ears perked up when he heard his name mentioned. He could hear Dad talking on the phone in the next room, “Well, there are two ways this could be a foster fail. He could win my heart by turning into a snuggle bun, and/or he could bond with Abigail.”

Enzo liked his new home. He was free to roam about the guest room. He had endless hay and water, and fresh greens twice a day. He liked his new bun Dad, too. He was always gentle and never spoke harshly to him. Dad kept his litter box clean and gave lots of pets. “I want to stay here!” he thought, He hadn’t been introduced to Abigail yet, so he didn’t know how that would work, but he knew he could win Dad’s heart!

The next time Dad came into his room, Enzo made it a point to get up and run over to Dad. He put his head down and asked for pets. Dad cooed, “Awww, I’m happy to see you, too! How are you feeling little one?” he asked as he gently stroked Enzo’s head.

Dad stopped petting and placed his hands around Enzo’s body and gently pressed. He said, “I’m going to pick you up, OK?” Unlike the other bunnies at the House of Buns, Enzo didn’t run off. He just relaxed. Dad gently lifted him onto the bed and then settled down on the bed next to him.

Like most rabbits, Enzo first explored the boundaries of the bed. Once he was comfortable with his surroundings, he flopped down against Dad’s leg, just within reach of Dad’s hand. Dad swooned, “Awww. Aren’t you the snuggle bun!” He reached down and gently rubbed Enzo’s head and ears. Enzo closed his eyes. He was in heaven. 

The next day, Enzo was chillin’ in his room when Dad opened the door. Dad asked, “Enzo. I have to work on the computer for awhile. Want to come hang out with me for awhile and keep me company?” Enzo was down for that. He liked being near Dad, so he didn’t resist when Dad picked him up and carried him over to his desk.

Dad set Enzo inside a snuggle pod on the desk, and Enzo burrowed into it. After awhile, Enzo stood up and began to explore the desk. “Umm, let’s not sit on the keyboard,” said Dad as he pulled it away. Enzo stepped off the desk and into Dad’s lap and snuggled in. Dad chuckled, “Oh, so that’s what you want? You want to sit in my lap?”

Dad’s lap wasn’t very big, so it was hard for Enzo to keep his balance. Dad placed him in the cuddle pod and set him back in his lap. For the next couple of hours, Enzo napped in Dad’s lap while he worked, occasionally stirring when Dad stopped working to pet him.

Enzo was trying his best to make this a foster fail. “Aww, you’re such a snuggle bun!” said Dad. Enzo thought, “Yes! It’s working! Now I need to meet Abigail!”

Ezno tries his best to be a foster fail by snuggling up to Dad.

Ezno tries his best to be a foster fail by snuggling up to Dad.

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