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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Abigail’s World – Part 2 (95)

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CHAPTER 95 – Abigail’s World— Part 2

Abigail was giving Dad’s friend Melissa a tour of her world, when she thought, “Time for a treat!” She skipped across the room and climbed the little stairs onto the couch. “Oh my god, that’s so cute!” exclaimed Melissa. “That’s called a binky,” explained Dad. “Her bun friend Duffy sent her some dried pineapple treats. She gets so excited when she thinks about them.”

Abigail looked up at them with her big brown eyes. “You want a treat?” asked Dad. Abigail thought, “Oh yes please!” Dad obliged and gave her a little piece of dried pineapple. “I love pineapple,” she thought, as she grabbed the treat in her mouth and hopped off to enjoy it.

After nibbling on her treat, Abigail continued with her tour. “My second bolt-to spot is behind the couch,” she said, “It’s easier to go there, but it’s more open.” The couch backed up to some floor-length windows. “This is where I spend my afternoons napping,” she said. “I’ve also marked this spot so everyone knows it’s mine!”

“Abigail, why don’t you show Melissa the rest of your territory,” suggested Dad. “OK!” thought Abigail. Her little white tail bounced up and down as she hopped off to the dining room. “That is so cute!” said Melissa. Dad and Melissa followed the bouncing fluff ball into the dining room.

Abigail explained, “This is my bathroom. I wanted it as far away as I could from where I sleep and eat. I mean, who wants to smell their pee all the time? It’s not as private as I would like, but Dad didn’t want me going behind the bar, so I compromised and chose this spot.”

Dad explained to Melissa, “The key was letting her choose the spot. I put a piece of cardboard down to protect the carpet, and then I put a bath towel on top of that. Every day, I shake out the towel and turn it over, and every other day, I change it for a fresh one. That way, I don’t have to mess with litter, and it stays clean.” Melissa had never thought about using a towel for a litter box. Dad added, “The downside is, I do more loads of laundry now.”

Abigail ran back into the living room, and then veered left towards the guest room, jumping over the exposed section of hardwood floor. She paused, glanced at Melissa to make sure she was watching, and then dove under the bed. She popped out the other side of the bed and looked up. “I don’t use this room much. Sometimes, I take my afternoon naps in here, but mostly, I just come in here to forage. Occasionally, I find some treats stashed here.” Dad winked at Melissa.

With a hop, skip, and a jump, Abigail ran back into the living room and lapped the couch a few times before flopping down on her side. Melissa came over and said, “Thank you, Abigail, for the tour! Now I understand why a bunny needs so much space—even a little bunny like you. I can see it takes a lot of work to look after a bunny, but I can also see why your Dad thinks it’s worth it. You’re so cute!”

Melissa was wise to really consider how much time and care a rabbit requires. Dad agreed, “It is a lot of work. I do more vacuuming, more laundry, and clean the litter towel every day. And I swear I spend way more time shopping and preparing food for the bunnies than I do for myself. But I like that she can run and play whenever she wants, and not have to be on my time schedule. Sometimes, while I’m still in bed, I hear her running around early in the morning. Knowing that she is happy just makes my heart sing. So it’s worth it to me.”

Abigail's World, Part 2

​With a hop, skip, and a jump, a happy Abigail binkies out of the guest room.

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