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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Adorable”

Adorable = Abigail

CHAPTER 20 – Adorable

“Crunch, crunch, crunch.” Abigail munched on a large dandelion leaf – her mouth chomping away, non-stop. In less than a minute, she had devoured the entire leaf. Dad watched with fascination. He half expected to see it come out the other end. “You know what’s funny, Abigail? I would never want to watch a human wolf down food like that, but when you do it, it’s SO cute!” Abigail rolled her eyes. “I’m just eating,” she thought.

Meal finished, Abigail began to bathe. It was important to keep her coat clean. She licked her paws and wiped her face and ears. Dad let out an, “Awwwww.” It was cuteness overload. “OMG, I’m just washing,” she thought.

Dad could spend hours just watching Abigail be a rabbit. Eating. Washing. Chewing. Foraging. Running. Binkying. It was all cute. Better than TV. Dad looked at Abigail and said, “You are SO adorable. I bet if you looked in the dictionary under the word ‘adorable’, your picture would be next to it.” An idea popped into his head.  

About a week later, Abigail was having a chew on some Small Pet Select hay when her ears detected footsteps coming to the front door. “Could that be more hay being delivered?” she wondered. Dad opened the door and brought in a package. It wasn’t hay. “It’s here, Abigail! I made something for you.” Abigail wondered what it was.

Dad unwrapped the package and pulled out a sign. He grabbed a hammer and a nail, and hung it right above Abigail’s spot. “It’s SO you!” he chuckled. Abigail hopped over for a closer look. She stood up tippy toes on her back feet, front paws against the wall to balance herself, and stared at the sign. In dictionary font, it read:


                         adj \ extremely charming \ syn ABIGAIL \ See below.

“Wow,” she thought, “I guess it’s true. I am the definition of adorable!”

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