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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bentley’s Bathroom

Through Abigail's Eyes: Bentley's Bathroom

CHAPTER 71—Bentley’s Bathroom

Now that Bentley had built a new burrow to sleep in, he decided it was time to relocate his bathroom.

When he first moved in, he chose a spot as far away from the bedroom as possible—upstairs beside Dad’s desk. That way, he wouldn’t have to smell it, and he knew Dad would keep it clean since he seemed to sit there a lot. Smart boy.

But upstairs was a long walk, and sometimes, he didn’t want to go so far. Bentley hopped around the lower floor, searching for a suitable spot. As he loped through the bedroom, he noticed a small space between the dresser and the TV stand. It was triangular in shape, with a narrow opening for privacy, but expanding larger towards the back. “This should work,” he thought. He deposited a pile of poop pellets and a splash of pee to let Dad know that this was his new bathroom.

“Oh Bentley!” exclaimed Dad, as he entered the bedroom. “You’ve been so good. You’ve never pooped outside the box. Why now?” Dad vacuumed up the pellets and cleaned the pee spot with Fizzion to remove the stain and smell. Then he placed a big box in the corner to block the space, hoping to deter Bentley from continuing to use that spot.

But rabbits are pretty stubborn. Bentley just pooped in front of the box.

Abigail had taught Dad that it was easier to let a bunny tell you where the bathroom should be than try to tell the bunny where it should be. So, he adapted. He placed a plastic tray in the corner and covered it with an old bath towel. That way, he could easily change the towel every day and it wouldn’t leave a mess—or a smell.

Bentley understood, and used his new bathroom religiously. He never pooped outside of it again.

As Dad gave Abigail her morning pet, he marveled at his little bun, and said softly, “You’ve taught me so much about rabbits, sweetie. Thank you.” Abigail just closed her eyes and tooth purred. “Humans just need to be trained,” she thought.

Bentley's private bathroom

Bentley adds a private bath to his living quarters

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