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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bentley’s BunDad Day Gift (109)

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CHAPTER 109 – Bentley’s BunDad Day Gift

Bentley heard that Father’s Day was coming.

Bentley loved his forever home and he wanted to thank Dad. But what to give him?

Bentley looked around his room. There were display cases full of little cars. Clearly, Dad had a thing for cars.

“Hmmm,” thought Bentley, “I think I remember seeing something in my burrow.”

For several days, Dad would pass by the closet and hear Bentley digging inside. He peered inside and asked, “Whatcha doin’ little guy? Are you working on another bunstruction project?” Bentley pretended he didn’t hear him and just kept digging.

One day, as Dad passed by the closet, he noticed a model car in the middle of all the shredded magazines.

“Huh,” thought Dad, “I forgot that was in there.” But Dad left the car sitting on the floor.

Bentley thought, “No, Dad. It’s a gift for you! I found it for you.” Bentley dragged the model car out of the closet into the middle of the hallway so Dad would have to notice it.

A little while later, Bentley was flopped on the floor outside the closet waiting, when Dad came by. He almost stepped on the model car. He reached down and picked it up.

“Bentley, is this for me?” he asked.

Bentley thought, “Yes Dad. I found it for you! It’s my BunDad Day gift to you. I know you like cars. It’s a red car!”

Dad smiled, “Well thank you, Bentley. That’s so sweet of you. You’re such a good boy!”

Bentley was happy that Dad was pleased. He put his head down and licked the carpet. That was his way of giving Dad a kiss.

“Happy BunDad day, Dad!” he thought, “Thanks for being such a good BunDad!”

Bundad's day gift

​Bentley digs way into his burrow to find a gift for Dad.

Editor's Note: While we don't  like to encourage rabbits to tear up magazines, rabbits will be rabbits, so Abigail thought we should "tell it like it is". 

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